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Best breakfast (no buffets): Billy Gails, but try The 19th Hole at Pointe Royale
Best Mexican: A tie, Botanos and Cantina Laredo (on opposite ends of town
Best Fried Chicken: Godfather's Pizza (seriously)
Best Steak: Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale
Best BBQ: Dannas on 165/ Cheeky Monkey
Best Italian: Florentino's Brick Oven on Green Mountain Drive
Best Pizza: Godfather's (again)
Best Hamburger: Dannas on 165 or the grass fed burger at Chilis at Bee Creek. Drafts Sports Bar

At Pointe Royale, you have to go through the gate. Great omelets and b-fast sandwiches. Botano's is much cheaper than Cantina Loredo, but Cantina Loredo is on the water. Also, at Charlies, get the brisket. Best in town. Danna's has great ribs and chicken. Cheeky Monkey has pulled pork sandwiches, but it smells like a wet ashtray in there. At Dannas we always get the meal for two and eat all weekend on it. Florentino's has been there forever. I always order something different and it never disappoints. Before the pandemic, Godfathers had a buffet of pizza and chicken. Pure gluttony! Best fried chicken in town!! Drafts is the place to watch a game at over a beer and a burger.
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