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Best breakfast (no buffets) lots of great options. play it safe at IHOP or try Billy Gail's, Clockers, Branson Cafe, FarmHouse, or Hungry Hunter.
Best Mexican for us, the best (and priciest) is Cantina Laredo. We also like Little Hacienda and Tequilas.
Best Fried Chicken (not a priority for us)
Best Steak we've had some 'pretty good' steaks but nothing that made us say "...we'll be back..."
Best BBQ again great options. Gettin' Basted, Pickin' Porch, and Danna's (a locals favorite)
Best Italian Florentina's or Pasghettis
Best Pizza Crossroads Pizza at Silver Dollar City (for us anyway)
Best Hamburger (we got nothing)
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