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The Latest Update

Just got this update from Cooper's Aunt:

Pediatrician just came in. Said they are consulting a muscular skeletal specialist because the MRI came back as no pocket of infected fluid, but positive for bone infection.

The good news, we now know the source of the infection is in the tibia bone! Hallelujah for that. Treatment would normally be major surgery to drain the infection.

However, the orthopedic surgeons said this is a "complicated infection" and appears to be more in the muscle and outside surface of the bone. So in the am, they are consulting a musculoskeletal specialist to determine treatment. This may or may not include them debriding (scraping) the infection off the following day. Hopefully we will know more regarding surgery tomorrow. We do know he will be on strong antibiotics for the next 4-6 weeks regardless.

So while the ultimate plan is still a bit up in the air, we feel much better knowing where the blood infection is coming from, and how we can now be on a path to getting him well. Please keep the prayers coming! 🙏
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