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Prayers please for my Grandson

Friends, I am asking prayers for the 12 year-old son of a dear friend. Cooper is one of her three sons, all of whom are like my grandsons. Cooper is in Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, in ICU. He was diagnosed earlier this week with Influenza B. After 6 days he was continuing to run a high fever and then developed a rash all over. They took him to be seen again and they said it was scarlet fever...and they sent him home. Last night they took him by ambulance back to CMH as his legs were turning purple. He obviously has an infection somewhere, but they can’t figure it out. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for Cooper. Also, for strength for his mom, Holly, as she is at her wit’s end seeing her oldest like this. She has two toddlers at home with their dad, who recently lost his job, so there is a lot on her plate and mind at this point.
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