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Today, I went to the funeral of my 25 year old friend who passed away on Thursday. She had lupus and it didn't feel real. Just my thoughts were whenever you have someone speaking/preaching the funeral, you should at least get someone who knows the deceased and is able to make the grieving know that. The preacher that did her funeral was from her grandmother's church. He actually read the information about her from the obituary that was in the paper. The music wasn't her "style". The preacher didn't show up until about 5 minutes before the services were to start. He didn't even take the time to talk to her friends and family to find out some personal information about her. He just read a couple of scriptures and read her obit. And kept talking about how we should just remember her in our own ways. Why couldn't he asked people questions about her just for respect for her? Grief lasts a lifetime. I "joke" with hubby about how I can't even watch our wedding video because so many people that were there and were in our wedding have died since we got married. No amount of time stops grieving or the pain of loss you have when a loved one dies.

I had a "friend" back in high school, she was supposed to be one of my best who told me to get over it when my aunt died. We are not friends anymore. Days pass and it does get easier, but it never stops.

I apologize if I offended anyone. I am having a bad week.
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