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Seems to me that the time required "to heal" would vary immensely from individual to individual for a variety of reasons. One variable would be the level of closeness that one had with the person lost. Not everyone is equally close to their mother or father and so it seems to me a normal thing for people to vary in how long they grieve for the lost parent. It would also seem logical to me that the grieving process may differ in some ways from individual to individual. When I lost my Dad 14 months ago, the tears did not come at the funeral. They came months later at visits to his grave site and while just driving in my car and thinking about how much I miss him and his wisdom. The pain is diminishing with time and my thoughts about my Dad are turning more into warm thoughts of appreciation for what he did for me and what I learned from him. So IslandGirl, I wish you well as you go through the grieving process. And unless you have locked yourself in a room and are refusing to resume activities you did before you lost your father, then I would't worry too much about others who might question the normalcy of your grieving process. That's just my opinion. God Bless.

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