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Posts: 5,758 are not wrong. Goodness....I would worry about someone who could get over a death in a months time. When my Dad passed away suddenly over 15 years took me at LEAST a year to even get over the day that he died....that moment flashed thru my mind hourly. It was horrible, but in got better. I will tell you this....anytime anyone asks me how long it takes to get over greiving....I simply answer..."time, for me a very long. long time".

Two months for me was just as fresh as the day it happened. Don't feel badly, don't let anyone make you feel that there is something wrong with you. These people may have simply never lost someone that they loved so much, so they don't understand, but I imagine that they are trying to help.

IslandGirl, I am so very sorry for your loss. I still miss my Dad everyday... but, things do get better, I can just about promise. Take care.
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