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otterchaos 05-03-2021 02:06 PM

April 30 - May 2 trip report
We got to Branson on Friday evening and found a hotel within my price range with good lighting and a not-too busy parking lot. It was 10:30 or so?? The clerk took an extremely long time with check-in and was talking about how terribly busy he was. (LOTS of empty parking spaces, so not real sure he is used to summer rush. He better get with it!) Finally drove around the building, climbed the stairs with all our heavy bags, and unlocked the door to find a man and woman already enjoying a nice rest in the bed. WHOOPS! (seriously, people! Who doesn't lock the interior locks???) We made a hasty retreat back to the office to explain our room was occupied. The phone rang with complaints from screaming occupant. (Who can blame them? That would have scared me to death! I'm lucky we didn't get shot.) Much wait and confusing as clerk found us a different room..... one just around the corner where the other couple was marked down as being in. Ha. Mattress was comfortable; room was clean.

Saturday- ran a few errands and went to Silver Dollar City just before noon. Huge line of people waiting to buy tickets! Street fair decor was pretty and I liked the acts spread through the town. Navigation through the park was easy until we hit the food area. Went to the Fry Bread Company to buy our Street Fair sampler ticket. Line took 1 hour 15 minutes and when I got to the window, I IMMEDIATELY found out what the problem was. There were 3 flavor options for street tacos, 1 option for dessert taco. 1 order taker at window #1. No problem there. 2 or 3 of the girls would look at ticket, make whatever flavor was needed and 2 other girls would flutter around doing nothing. 1 girl comes to window #2 and asks "what did you have?" then repeats order to chef girls as they are making the food on the ticket they already have. (wasted step and too confusing!!!) This was ABSOLUTELY UNREASONBLE. Girls should make a couple of each flavor and window girl should grab them and go. Food would've been flying out the window and nothing would have sat for more than a few seconds. Main dish tacos were good but people were throwing the dessert tacos away. (Corn tortilla chips with Hershey's syrup and caramel.) -Food stop #2 went much smoother. Long line but they had their act together! The fried ravioli nachos were delicious and I am SO making that at home now!!! LOL -Rides were having a long wait. Guy coming off of Mystic River had waited 3 hours and attendant said they were at 2 1/2 hrs at that point. Since we have passes and can come back anytime, we left.

Dinner at Flaming Margaritas. YUM. Recommend.

1984 Arcade at Branson Meadows was a great time for us mid-40 year olds. Kids would like to too, I think, even though games are retro. $10 a person, play all day. Pinball machines were a quarter or two a piece. Definitely a good place to wind down and I hope they get some good business from the ballparks nearby. Super nice staff!!! PLEASE give this place a try!!!

Late night treat at "Sweet Susie's" on Green Mt Drive. YUM.

Sunday breakfast at Krispy Kreme. Good service there!

Tried out Branson's Wild World, next to WalMart on 76. (I've been curious for a long time.) A good selection of exhibits. Walkways felt a little narrow and I felt that some of the cages needed cleaned. I was very disappointed that most of the interactive animals- wolves, dingos, and LEMURS!!!- were all having naptime and could not be played with. They were asking people to come back at 1:00. I'm glad they weren't over-exhausting the creatures, but super-disappointed about the lemurs. It was humid and I was getting too warm, so we left. (I would have liked to play mini-golf since it was included, but partner said no.)

Mid-afternoon meal at Heroes Tastes and Taps. YUM. (I posted on the food channel)

A few little other things here and there, but I feel like we just ate our way through town. And that's ok with me!!!

lostarm 05-04-2021 12:04 PM

wow not a good start

Airforce Dad 05-31-2021 06:37 PM

Spring trip
Sounds like SDC was a bummer. I've always liked SDC. But, I wouldn't stand in line that long for free food. Sounds like you got bit in the butt again at another venue. In 2019 this happened to my group, except it rained us out most places we went to. 😬☔️

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