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Call Charlie!

Written by shis1

If you are looking for a realtor in the Branson area, give Charlie Gerken, Gerken Associates, a call! We have been working with Charlie for the past month and it was great! Not once did we send him a text or email and not get a reply almost immediately. He's always available, day or night, and ready to answer questions.And absolutely no pressure! We told him what we were interested in, he made it available to us, and the rest was up to us! Couldn't have been a better experience. Thanks, Charlie!!!!

Looking for a realtor??

Written by melissa

I've noticed that several people lately have expressed an interest in moving to Branson. Most questions seem to center around finding employment, but I wanted to help out anyone who might be looking for a home. My parents just bought a home in Omaha, Arkansas which is just outside of Branson. Charlie Gerken is their realtor, and he's done a great job for them. He's been working for close to two years to find a home with everything they were looking for. They needed acreage which was a big part of the challenge. Charlie was consistent in keeping them updated when new homes came on the market that he thought might be of interest to them. Once they started making trips to Branson to look at homes, he was really good about trying to work around things they had scheduled and he was always on time for meetings. He's professional but also has a friendly outgoing personality. My parents have really been pleased to work with him. So if you're looking for a home in the Branson area I would encourage you to check with Charlie and consider using him as your realtor.

Charlie is the best at what he does

Written by bransontruth

Many people have been PM'd me asking why I stoped writing show reviews. Simply put--Carol and I made the final move back West.

Our decision to move happened very quickly, and we left almost over night. We owned a house in Branson (actually Hollister) and knew that being many hours away we would need a realtor who could take care of everything for us.

Charlie not only stepped up to the plate, but he picked up the plate and hit it so hard it went over the fence as a Grand Slam!

Charlie immediately sprang into action posting our property on at least 15 different websites. He send me articles showing that the majority of buyers find the property on-line, as opposed to how an old-timer like me just drives around looking for signs in the yard.

Charlie listed us in magazines, newspapers, websites, and who knows where else. Before we even had our belongings packed up, we were already having people wanting to see the house.

After we moved away, Charlie kept in touch almost every day informing me of showings, offers, and potential problems with my home. To be pro-active, Charlie arranged for an inspection to find any potential problems that might come up later. The inspection found some problems with the chimney and electric. Knowing that would deter potential buyers, Charlie personally brought contractors out do make bids on the work. (Keep in mind, Carol and I were NOT in town.) After Charlie chewed the price down a little bit on the proposals, he put the work in action. He met the workers out at the house and got it all brought up to speed.

Our house sold in less than 3 months. Oh wait-- did I mention that Charlie got us our FULL ASKING PRICE!! We opened the check from the mortgage company and found out that in three years we made over $30,000.00 on the home--and all we did to it were the upgrades Charlie oversaw which cost under $1,500.00

Hey Charlie--come on out here to Arizona and help me find a house!! My agent has been late meeting me both times and I'm ready to shoot him with a nail gun.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention--Charlie has really great sunglasses and hair.

Professional and talented!

Written by lindiet

We just returned from our vacation in Branson. I will be submitting several reviews later but this one is by far the most important review I will be submitting! We have been working with KidFuture to purchase a condo in Pointe Royale and our experience with Charlie Gerken has been such a positive experience! From my first contact with Charlie, I have felt he was so committed to helping my husband and I find the home we were looking for. He sent a long list of availables to me and kept his humor when I wanted more information for most of them (He delivered! ). After arriving and meeting with Charlie my list was still LONG ! Again his primary concern was that DH and I were able to see ALL of them (he didn't even break a sweat - well maybe a little sweat because it was a hot day )! He let us decide if we liked certain properties or not without pushing us in either direction. The only time he gave his candid opinion on a property was when we specifically asked for it and then he offered it freely - remember that one Charlie. Ultimately we found our condo and since then he has helped us with every single step we need to take. He is always available and never seems frazzled by my constant questions and concerns.

I was initially concerned that we might not be successful working with Charlie because my perception was that he might be too young to understand our needs. He completely proved my concerns to be unfounded! I would recommend Charlie to anyone that has an interest in selling or buying property in or around Branson. He is a bright and shining star and you will never go wrong with him or Gerken & Associates! THANKS CHARLIE !

Thanks to all of you who recommended Kid Future

Written by Elizat

Thanks to all of you who recommended Kid Future. My husband and I are really glad that we heard of him. He's doing a great job for us - very efficient and on the ball. We'd talked to another agent or so in Branson and were not impessed with them at all. Happy we went with your recommendations!