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Branson’s Tribute Theatre will not reopen following COVID-19 pandemic

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Doggone it! I really dislike this news. I never went to that theater, don't care for that type of music, those bands...but I do not wish for ANY show to close up and leave town. Every show lost, every theater that goes dark, is a big loss to Branson, and the people who come here. I sincerely hope no more are going to go belly up, but, even in good times, great crowds, it's a very tough business to be able to make it in. But, I'm still hoping most will somehow be able to weather this out, although I do not have any answers to the dilemma. Maybe a consolidation of some type? With many shows in each ofvthe bigger theaters? Say, various shows at 10am, 12:30, 3:00, 5:30, 8pm? Leave your ego's at the door, forget about having your own theatre for the most part, just run your show in a shared theater 5 or 6 days a week? All the shows share the expenses of that particular theater? Right now, I think most if the bigger theaters just do 3 shows per day, maybe a 10am 3pm, and 7:30/8pm schedule. Using the schedule I suggested, a theater could go from 3 shows per day, to 5 shows daily. I just dont see many other options that will work as well as this.
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Personally and respectfully, I don’t think you’re seeing things from the big picture. The absolute biggest reason some shows aren’t succeeding is that there are too many shows. Business situations have created an environment where shows that don’t spend much money on cast, advertising, etc. can “get by” drawing little crowds. In the big picture, it would probably be healthiest for the town for quite a few shows to go away... that way crowds at shows that are willing to invest money can pay performers more, spend more on marketing... it might seem bad at first, but it would be better in the long run. This has actually been brought up here many times.
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Old 05-14-2020, 04:17 PM   #4
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Yes, I understand fully the "big picture" as you described it. And I know there are a plethora of shows, many of them to be considered the type that desperately are hanging in by their fingers. But, things, I really ENJOY quite a few of those small "low/no real budget" shows, and the small venues they perform in.o
It takes me back to a very simple, relaxed time in Bransons history. I have enjoyed all sorts of "no big name"shows over the years...such asThe Lennon Brothers breakfast show that was stuck in a little side room beside the breakfast buffet at the Welk Theater, the various acts that performed at the little theater inside the Branson Mall, between Walmart and Price Chopper, most notably Marvelous Marvin, Daryll Croy, etc; the various acts out in the Center Stage of that mall, such as Brother South; the hi-jinks of the Sons of Britches, Leroy New, James Garrett's John Denver tribute, Randy Plummer, CJ Newsom playing the Spoons, along with the Smoke on the Mountains gang, down at the Little Ole Opry theater inside McFarlands's complex; Heather Gentry's Patsy Cline tribute, along with her 80's Ladies show, inside the little God and Country theater; along with Willie, Waylon and the Giod Ole Boys inside the same small theater; Red Hot and Blue first performing in the tiny side room theater inside the old craft mall/store complex where the Branson Auto and Farm Museum now sits; I could go on and on. The thing is, for me, there have been/are lots of very entertaining treasures at these tiny theaters that are a joy to watch and listen to. Sometimes I just dont want to go see a big show with lasers, smoke and other visual effects, instead I just want to go into an intimate, smaller setting, and listen to some talented people simply play their musical instruments and sing their hearts out. So that's why I mourn every "little" show that folds, even though I "see the big picture" very clearly!

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I totally understand that... actually it’s not little vs big now that I think about it... it’s just the sheer number of shows, big or small. If there were 30-50 shows it would be a very different business environment.
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Old 05-14-2020, 07:29 PM   #6
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Originally Posted by WireRoad View Post
There will probably be a few more following the same path, unfortunately.

Coach Man.
"We Don't Need No Thought Control!"
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I have never understood how some of these shows have stayed in business for so long. I have been coming to Branson every summer for close to 10 years. I usually see 5-7 shows each trip. Aside from Sights and Sounds or Haygoods I have seldom seen a very crowded or well attended show.

The times I went to Tribute Theater the show had less than 25 there.
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IMO, the performers along with the theater owners/Lesee's, love what they do...so they stretch their dollar to the max,and do without a lot of
"wants" in their personal lives.
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c kling
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I already have paided show resv for September for one show there. Just tried to call but mailbox is full. Hopefully I get the money back.
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