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Branson Shows Are Great

We had a trip planned for Branson in late April, but with the uncertainty surrounding the virus we decided we should change our reservations. I spent about 15-20 minutes on the phone this morning and was able to change 6 reservations. Every theater representative was very polite and accommodating. We plan to come for a visit in September and all of our new tickets are essentially the same seats. Thank you Branson theaters. You're the best. I also want to add a special shout-out to the Clay Cooper theater rep I spoke to - a young man named Colton. Anyone who's been attending those shows for years will know who this young man is. I told him I had a photo of him from years ago when he was on stage with his fiddle playing beside Wayne Massengale(sp?). Again, thank you to Branson theaters.
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Yes, for the most part everybody in the tourism industry in Branson are accommodating to the max. Something pretty much expected in Branson because regular visitors are accustomed to it.
Plus, they are probably even more so during this time of turmoil. Which is even more remarkable.
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In times past, during the slow, or "no" season in Branson, or on "off" days when they were not working at their home theatre, many of the area artists would take their shows on the road, to supplement their income. Now, with all public gatherings of any substance shut down, this is going to place yet another financial burden on our local musicians and singers. Guess everyone is gonna have to file the forms and get on the government "dole" for the next few weeks, or months...wonder how the State of Missouri is going to handle THAT huge demand....
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We have reservations for Memorial Day weekend. Trying to figure out a good time for us to reschedule to. We were really looking forward to coming. Hopefully this world will get back to a normal of some kind.
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