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Old 07-10-2012, 02:36 AM   #1
Living the Dream!
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Slim Chance returns to Branson

Does anybody remember David Hirschi, a.k.a comedic juggler Slim Chance? He was with Yakov for eight or nine years, and previously the comedian at Country Tonite. He has been performing in Pigeon Forge for the past five years. I just want to make sure everyone knows that David is now the emcee for the noon cruises on the Showboat Branson Belle. I used to work with David and have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He puts on a great show!
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We loved Slim Chance!! Glad he is back in Branson.
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Old 07-10-2012, 07:04 AM   #3
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Originally Posted by kansashusker View Post
We loved Slim Chance!! Glad he is back in Branson.
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ok, as soon as I read Yakov I remembered who he was, we saw him several years ago with Yakov and he was very good.
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Me too...I think he is super..)))
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Old 07-10-2012, 12:33 PM   #6
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Knife Throwing Act

Does anyone remember when slim was breaking in a new knife throwing act?
"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty." ~Henry Ford
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YAY!!! I always liked him. Wasn't he the guy that told the story of "Sissy Dog"? That was always funny.

This link should take you to the Rankin Brothers FB Fan Page.
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Old 07-10-2012, 10:41 PM   #8
Living the Dream!
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Originally Posted by deb_803 View Post

YAY!!! I always liked him. Wasn't he the guy that told the story of "Sissy Dog"? That was always funny.
Yes Sissy Dog was Slim Chance.
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Old 07-11-2012, 06:13 AM   #9
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Originally Posted by ozarkman View Post
Yes Sissy Dog was Slim Chance.
One year Ted was selected to be "Sissy Dog" for Slim Chance. For those of you that haven't seen his show, "Sissy Dog" is a male that Slim picks from the front row and encourages him to throw knives on the stage, as part of his act. When the man declines, he is "Sissy Dog" for the evening. Ted does not like to be called on stage to participate in an act so from then on, when we go to a show where we don't know if there is audience participation, Ted doesn't want the first few rows.

His only exception to this was one night at the Grand Country Radio Show, when he and Mike Patrick switched seats during one of the performer's number and Ted got to sit in Mike's director chair. Ted speaks of that as his "ten minutes of fame". He said that was fun because Grand Country is like family but he still avoids the front row in all other theaters except The Rankin Brothers where he likes to give Matt and Mark a hard time about the Elvis scarf that is given to some lady in the audience.

Is good to have Slim back in Branson. He is a very talented performer and a very kind man off the stage.


Branson Show Reviews by SHOW GAL

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My husband and I are big fans of Slim Chance! Saw him last week on the Branson Belle. Great act!
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Old 07-11-2012, 10:31 PM   #11
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It's been several years since we saw Yakov, however, we still talk about Sissy Dog!
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my system is kicking it back as a parked domain.
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