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Favorite Branson Memories

What are some of your favorite Branson Memories?

I remember enjoying a picnic with my Grandma and cousins, near the dam or fish hatchery area when I was a kid, while our Dad's all fished. Nothing is better than those memories of the times we got to spend with Grandma doing things our Mothers wouldn't allow.

I also have fond memories of being stuck in traffic to get into SDC along 76, and my uncles getting out of the car, and picking wild strawberries and sharing them with all of us in the car, he could walk, and pick berries, faster than traffic moved down 76.

I also learned to water ski on Table Rock.
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WOW, so many! To the beginning, my first R.A.W. tournament on Taneycomo. I think my partner and I weighed in 3 fish that day! Boy have I learned a lot since then! Our first Thanksgiving trip including Old Time Country Christmas at SDC. With our son being about 8 (now almost 30!) and daughter 4 (now 25). What a wonderful Holiday experience for kids, and parents alike. We're going to re-visit all our Thanksgivings in Branson this year with Son, and D-I-L and now Granddaughter along with daughter, and by then brand new son-in-law. Our family has grown up going to Branson.
Another memory is my Son's first R.A.W. tournament with me. Snow started around Springfield, and was around 4" by the time we got to Branson. Pulling 2500 pounds of bass boat behind me on a snow covered Fall Creek Road from 76 to Lilley's Landing. Unforgettable 45 minute trip!
Then some of the shows. Louise Mandrell"s last show at the Grand Palace, Andy Williams first Christmas show at Moon River. Tony Orlando's Christmas show, the Rocketts, and Wayne Newton.
So many more, and so many more to come!
Voted Branson's Best Trout Fisherman
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My first trip to SDC at Christmas time...I will never forget that..most beautiful sight I had ever seen..and,
Bobby Vinton coming and getting me out of the audience and singing a song to me (I was unaware that our friend had left a note at the front telling him that I was his biggest fan, and where I would be sitting). I was at least 5 or 6 people inside on the row, but when he stopped on the row and pointed and me and crooked his finger for me to come out there, I about killed those poor people I had to get over. Embarrasing now when I think about (a little bit), but he was one of my young teen idols...and that was so cool.
Meeting and having my pic made with Andy Williams..what a nice man..loved him since I was a kid.
But..my best memories are those I've made with my kids and grandkids on our family visits..two learned to swim there, all have ridden their frist roller coasters there. My yearly trip to bring Mom there..she dearly loves Branson. Family time there..my best memories.
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My favorite memory is a feeling.

Hubby and I grew up in far different styles...I was a city person and he was an Ozarky boy who only left to go to war.

I had been in my first marriage going to Lake Tahoe for many years...seeing many wonderful singers and dancers....enjoying that kind of a life.

Hubby had never gone to concerts or anywhere...he worked a big cattle operation and drove a truck...he did nothing but work all his life.

One show....that comes to mind ... was a Charlie Pride show...and I spent more time looking at hubby than at the stage. He was just in such awe of being able to see this singer in person.

When Charlie came down to shake hands with everyone, he stopped for a moment and took some extra time visiting with hubby....and I felt the joy.

The same thing happened with Mel Tillis and Mickey Gilley....he became their friends, if only for a very short time..........

It was that feeling for someone I love, who was having the time of his life....
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Way too many to list on here but here's a few. My husband getting called up on Tony Orlando's stage to be a clown 20 years ago, ( the 1 yr old daughter hated that, my 2 year old son laughed at "clown dad" for days). Taking pictures, (mainly the giant wreathe) in front of SDC. My same young daughter yelling, 'Yakov I Love you" out the car window as we drove by him, outside his theater giving an interview to a local station. ( He actually heard her). Taking the kids to meet the REAL Santa Clause at SDC. My youngest son making the fish jump at the hatchery. Echoing kids at the dam. My oldest son singing Jim Stafford's "walking in the womens underwear". The invented warp zone at the Kimberling City light display. Feeding the ducks while my youngest goose fearing daughter throws the corn from the safey of the back of the van. I could go on forever.
As previously mentioned before the alternative routes, we once had a lady using a walker pass us as we drove down the strip!

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Downtown Campground when they were generating and this was way before they did the upgrades on the city coastline -- the campground would flood during this time. Walking outside of the camper and seeing a tent moving further inland was hilarious.

Also in the same campground with someone who had never been there before and knew nothing about the time schedule of the trains that would go through -- having a rude awakening at about 5:00 am with a train whistle and she sat up and bumped her head on the top of the cover (we were sleeping in a truck bed that had a cover on it. We still laugh about that.

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getting to see Johnny Cash in Branson

taking my 2 year old cousin on his first SDC Christmas trip

fishing from the bank of Table Rock with my dad and getting our picture taken with each of us holding a 2 or 3 inch long perch.

following the death of a family member in the early 80's we didn't return to Branson for 3 or 4 years, when we did it had completely changed, it was like something out of the Twilight Zone.

one time it poured rain at SDC, they closed the park down, traffic was backed up from Branson to SDC, few cars ahead of us a kid jumps out and runs up in the tree's to "take care of business" when a stop light must have changed, all the cars took off and this kid came running out holding his britches up. for some reason it's one of those goofy memories that we laugh about all the time.

seeing people like Lorri Morgan, Oaks, Neal McCoy, Kenny Rogers, Waylon Jennings, Jeff Foxworthy in front of sold out crowds at the Grand Palace
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I love this thread! I've realized how many so FOND memories (and some not so wonderful) I have are related to Branson..

Let see .. try chronological ..
-early 70's first one . I wasn't even THERE .. I'd stayed at the motel in Springfield because I was sick .. Mom, Dad, sis and cousin go to the dam .. cousin's contact lens pops out .. Mom spots it on the other side of the fence .. my little sis (probably about 8 or 9) gets lifted over with Dad hanging on to rescue the contact lens..

- same trip.. Mom discovers she needs "reading glasses" .. we're at a little "country restaurant" on the way to SDC .. Mom is fascinated by the fact that the pepper is in "little rings" on her eggs ..

- same trip - riding Fire in the Hole .. OVER and OVER ..

- fast forward - I've got a family now - 2 sons .. one a trip with just the 2 boys ( Branson IS on the way to Texas from Chicago .. sort of) I'm feeling rotton.. oldest DS is 16 .. has his license .. and THEY want to go to the movie museum where the "Dumb and Dumber" van is .. I let him take the van while I stay in the room ... (this is HUGE for me.. I was a scaredy cat Momma when it came to son driving anything other than to/from school)

- Christmas 2004 I think .. Dad sitting outside "smokin'" at the La Quinta .. he see's me pull up from the grocery store.. I drop a box of soda's (he didn't hear it ) and all he sees is me "drop" (I was bending down .. CHASING sodas down the hill in the parking lot .. ) he jumps up calling my name .. then starts laughing as he was watching me chase cans in basically a crouched position.. This was the last trip we took with my folks .. it was so special..

- Same trip .. Mom laughing as we took a picture with a cardboard cutout of President Bush at the White House theater .. it was Christmas eve .. and we all dressed up ..

- Same trip - another "I wasn't there" (thank goodness) Hubby and younger DS go to a cave .. younger DS had seizures when he was younger .. and yep .. he had a seizure in the cave .. almost lost his shoe down a crevice .. ( in a weird way it's a good memory .. because after that one I think he only had 1 or 2 bad seizures before March 31, 2005 .. THAT was our last recorded seizure..

- Same trip - different family.. after my family went back to Chicago - hubby's family came from North Carolina.. MaryAnne ( my FIL wife .. and dear dear lady ) rides a roller coaster at SDC .. promptly goes running for the bathroom afterward .. I go flying after her .. she gets VERY sick .. takes a deep breath .. and said "That feels better" .. washes her faces, pulls out a stick of gum and says .. lets find the others.. laugh .. (she was in her late 70's)

- Taking my very best friend to Sight and Sound to see Noah .. afterward she just cried and cried in her seat .. tears of joy .. knowing how our God takes care of us..

So MANY sweet and bittersweet memories there .. it's why we keep going back ..
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