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We are back - Trip Report

Well we made it back this afternoon. Back to the heat. The weather last week was just perfect in Branson.

Here is the long report. Hope you have a few minutes to read!

We arrived May 13th at 8:15 PM. My husband was able to sneak out of work early so we got there 2 hours earlier then we were expecting to. We went straight to our motel Alpenrose Inn on Green Mountain Drive. We had reserved our room last October for this trip. We were in one of the two king mini suites that they have. We will be staying here again! In fact, we already have our reservations made for October 2007. The room was very clean. The entire motel is non-smoking which is a huge plus for us. The room had a king bed, sleeper sofa, refrigerator, microwave and a nice size TV (we think a 25 or 27 inch). They had a breakfast there but we never went up there to eat. I think it was just the basic rolls and cereal etc. Nothing big. The motel is right next to Pirates Cove mini golf so that was nice just to be able to walk over there in the evenings. After we checked in we went right over there and played a game.

Sunday May 14th Got up early and head to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. It was great as always with only one exception. They are now closed on Monday and Tuesdays. If you remember our past trips it is tradition for us to eat here every morning. After breakfast we went and picked up a few of our show tickets for the week and then headed to Silver Dollar City. It was sure crowded. More crowded then we are used to anyways. It was a very cool day. I don't even know if it got above 60. I think we were the only ones in the park in shorts. We did the cave tour first thing. Rode all the rides. Watched the Homestead Pickers for the first time (only took us 10 trips before we finally caught them). For lunch my husband wanted to go to Mary's Springhouse. We were ready to eat lunch at 11:00 and they were not open yet. So we went elsewhere. He had a bbq sandwich and I had chicken strips. Both were really good. I think the only other thing we ate there this trip was a mountain size chocolate chip cookie.

After SDC we went to Fuddruckers. It was really good. They didn't give us very many fries though. We had plenty to eat but it just seemed like they cut back on those.

We then decided to go to the new Titanic Museum. This was really neat to see. I really learned a lot. Lots of things to see and read. By the way they take a AAA discount if you show your card. I think after the discount it cost the two of us around $34.00 I think. It took about 1 1/2 - 2 hours to go through. After that we went and tried out the new Dinosaur mini golf course.

Monday May 15th - Since Dunkin Donuts was closed on Mondays we bought a loaf of Apple Cinnamon bread at SDC and ate that in our room for breakfast.....really good. Then we headed out to pick up the rest of our show tickets.

This was our shopping morning. We went to Dicks 5 & 10, Branson Bills (to get a couple jars of salsa - always a must), Engler Block, Red Roof Outlet Mall, Branson Mills, Grand Village and Dickens. We ate lunch at Gilleys. It was good as always. We both had mexican there. We waited and ate lunch late in the afternoon and skipped dinner.

My parents came down and met us for a couple of days. They stayed at the same motel as we did. That night they went to The Duttons and they really enjoyed it. We went to Jim Stafford. We had front row seats. His new seats are really comfortable. We enjoyed the show. I know from previous post people were saying that they are now disappointed with the show since his kids are in it so much. We only counted 4 songs that they did. We didn't feel like they were in it too much at all. But we did hear something and thought I would post it here to see if anyone else has heard this rumor. While at another show the lady sitting next too me said that a waitress somewhere told them that this was Jim's last season......anyone else heard this? I kind of find that hard to believe.

Tuesday May 16th - My husband and I went to Buck Trent in the morning. It was a really good show. We had front row seats. We were early to the show so we played a round of golf at Grand Country before hand. We were really impressed with Buck Trent because prior to the show starting he came out in the waiting area and was talking to everyone. Then after the show he was also out there. Very friendly guy.

For lunch we met my parents at Hard Luck Diner. I had the chicken strips and my husband had the spaghetti. Both were very good. It wasn't very crowed when we got there but by the time we left there was a line out the door. We hadn't been there since they added the gift shop on.

After lunch my dad, husband and I went over to Pirates Cove and played another round of golf.

My parents went to Baldknobbers that evening and we went to Dixie Stampede. Dixie had a full house. The preshow was good and we did get the coupons for the free drinks....I thought I had read somewhere that they stopped doing that. We sat on the North side for the first time in 3 visits and finally won!!

Since our show got out early we headed up to the scenic overlook to see Branson as the sun was going down. Then we went back to Pirates Cove to play more golf. We both had holes in one on the mystery hole so we both won a free game.

Wednesday May 17th - My parents were going to the same shows we were today so we all went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.

We had tickets for Yakov at 9:30. We all sat on the front row and it was great as always. My dad got to be Sissy Dog (my husband was Sissy Dog 2 years ago). We see Yakov every year and it is still our favorite show. When we went to pick up our tickets the lady asked for my confirmation number. I told her the 3 digit number I had and she said that couldn't be right because it should have 4 digits. So she pulled it up by our telephone number and said "you are right your confirmation number was only 3 digits" she wondered when we ordered our tickets to get a number that low! I said just as soon as he posted his 2006 schedule and if you would let me buy tickets for 2007 today I would!!

For lunch we all went to Dana's BBQ. I had the BBQ nachos. They were OK but there was just too much. My plate was huge. I think I will stick to the sandwiches next time. We will be going back.

Then we headed to Ride The Ducks and then to McFarlins for dinner.

That night we went to Shoji. My husband and I sat on the front row and my parents were behind us in the 4th row. I asked for a few rows back for them since his stage is so high.

Thursday May 18th - My parents headed home and we went back to SDC. Oh my, there were so many kids there. I think every school was having a field trip that day. We pretty much skipped the rides because we just couldn't handle being around all those teenagers. So we took in several of the shows and shopped and had a great time. I think there were more people there on Thursday than there were on Sunday.

After SDC we went to Fall Creek Steakhouse for dinner. We really enjoyed this place. My husband loved Rudy the toll thrower. The food was really good. I had chicken strips and he had a steak. He said we have to go back to this place next year.

So that is about it....sorry it is so long. I will do reviews on each place a little later....like after all my laundry is done. This was our first trip to Branson that we didn't go in October. We really prefer the October trips we had. We changed it this year because we are going to Disney World in September. From now on though we will go in October for our big trip. Although we were not planning on going back until October 2007 we decided today on the trip home we might try to sneak in a 3 -4 day trip next spring again and just go to SDC for one day and see 2 shows. A short trip is better than having to wait a 1 1/2 for our next October trip.
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Great review ~ sounds like a fun trip! Thanks for the tip about Dunkin Donuts... we stop there at least once a trip; I'll have to be sure it's not a M/T.
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Thanks for the fun review..........

Im glad you had a good time
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Thanks for the good review. Sounds like you had such a wonderful time and saw some great shows.
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I'm glad you had a good time. I'm getting anxious for a Branson trip after reading the reviews.
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Very nice review!! Makes me wish I was there!!

This link should take you to the Rankin Brothers FB Fan Page.
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Thanks for the great review!!
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Great review, glad you had a good time!! Do you have any pictures you can share?
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Originally Posted by Double Mom
Great review, glad you had a good time!! Do you have any pictures you can share?
Do we have pictures....oh yes. I think my husband sent in 12 rolls. They should be showing up online soon. I will get some posted just as soon as they get them to me.
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Originally Posted by ThunderHockeyFan
Do we have pictures....oh yes. I think my husband sent in 12 rolls. They should be showing up online soon. I will get some posted just as soon as they get them to me.
I'll be looking forward to seeing your pictures!
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