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Scooter's Sports Grill

Why haven't I found this gem sooner? I thought they just opened. No, the owner said they've been there for five years!
On your left as you enter Branson Meadows shopping center. Part of the mini golf place, and probably why I haven't noticed it sooner. Small inside, but with an outside seating area right next to the mini golf course. Now calling it a sports "bar" is a bit of a stretch. They do serve draft beer, not sure about mixed drinks. It's more like Danna's with 6 TV's on the wall. Like Danna's orders are taken at the counter. First, the service. Very friendly, and fast. Next, the food. The wife had the Italian Beef & Pastrami sandwich and fries. Meat piled high on a Hoagie roll with a cup of au jus on the side. Served with perfectly done fries. Golden, crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside.
I had the Reuben. Again a big pile meat, just the right amount of kraut, swiss cheese, on grilled marble rye with dressing on the side. Claimed to be the best Reuben in Branson, and I can't say I dissagree.
In addition to the draft beer they have fountain drinks, and slushies. Served with straws, unlike my experience Wednesday! Actually self served fountain drinks like Danna's or Picin' Porch Grill.
The prices were a bit higher than similar places back home. But what isn't in Branson. With high sales tax, tourism tax, what ever other tax, and food distributors not exactly around the corner, things are higher here. Actually I would say the prices are in line with one of my current favorites in Branson, Picki' Porch Grill. On that note, the food is on a "par" (pun fully intended) with Pickin' Porch as well.
Of the two new, or new to me places I tried this week, one is a definite place I will return. The other a maybe, just for the bar, and a beer with something to eat while watching a game. But a very weak maybe because, as I said in the review of Saint City Bar and Grill, "We ain't in California Skippy", and I like a straw with my iced drinks!
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Sounds good RJW. I'll have to give this place a try.

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See, a local that didn't know about Scooter's. LOL. We need to get the word out. This place is the bomb!!!
Too bad the Out to Lunch Bunch has gotten stuck in such a rut, and won't venture away from the "stage". Where the food is great, but the music isn't
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There's a Groupon deal right now for the Greatest Adventure Mini-Golf Course, which is where Scooter's is located. We have played this course (actually 2 separate courses) before and enjoyed it. You could play 1 course in the morning, have lunch at Scooter's, and play the other course in the afternoon.
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The Groupon is a good deal. We've bought it every year for the past several years to enjoy the mini golf. We also ate at Scooter's once before, and yes, it is good.
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