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Our Branson Vacation July 24 - July 30 (long)

July 24, 2005

We left home around 8 a.m. it is about a 6 hr. drive to Branson. It was just dh, our nephew and me. We went a different route than we usually take. Normally we would go through Arkansas to Branson from TN, but my dad gave us directions for a "better route" it wasn't really better but it was different. On our way, we went to see Big Springs right outside of Van Buren MO. It was beautiful. We then went on towards Springfield then Branson. While driving through Mansfield, MO, dh was telling my nephew about Laura Ingalls Wilder. After he explained all about her, nephew said he knows who my dh is talking about, Melissa Gilbert. Dh had told him the story of Laura Ingalls Wilder's life and the whole time nephew had been thinking he was talking about Melissa Gilbert. He didn't know that Laura was a real person, he thought she was just a character that had been made up for a tv show. By the time he got to that we were laughing so hard dh had to pull over and wipe his eyes because he was laughing so hard he was crying. This was just the beginning of the fun we were about to have. Oh yeah, this is my nephew that just graduated from High School in the top ten of his class. This is what our education system has become. Sad isn't it. Okay, back to our trip (ps he now knows who Laura Ingalls Wilder is and we bought a book by her for him to read), Well we got to Branson around 1:30 p.m. but unfortunately we could not check in until 2 p.m. We decided to get some lunch at Taco Bell on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, across the street from Treasure Lake Resort. (Where we were staying for the week in a rental cabin). After lunch we were able to check in and unpack. Then we drove to Branson West for some groceries and a few items we had forgotten to pack. When we got back to T.L. (Treasure Lake) I fixed us up some Rotel (Nachos) and watched television and dh & nephew played video games on Nephew's Nintendo 64. Then we went outside onto the deck and watched the fireworks show from C.C. It was good. Finally around 11:30 p.m. we went to bed.

July 25, 2005

We slept in got up around 10:30 a.m. Ate the rest of the rotel for breakfast (not healthy but it is vacation). Then we went to do some shopping at Tanger's Outlet Mall, and then over to Sally Beauty Supply for some shampoo and hair care products. I love this place. We went to McFarlain's for lunch we all had Country Fried Steaks they were delicious. We also got some fried green tomatoes, even nephew liked these and he doesn't like tomatoes at all. He also eats his cornbread (from McFarlain's) like it is desert at the end of the meal with a fork. Great service, Great food I give this a 10 out of 10. This is one of my favorite places in Branson to eat. Someone was having a birthday and someone else was having an anniversary and the staff came out and sang to them. It was crowded but it was still great service and food.
After lunch we went into the shopping mall at the IMAX to do some souvenir shopping. Then we bought tickets to see Batman Begins, at the 9:00 p.m. showing, because it was showing on the big screen in the IMAX theater. We went back to T.L. to watch tv for a little while. After we went to the movie, we went to McDonald's for shakes. Then on our way back to T.L. we went for a quick drive down Roark and there we saw a fawn run across the street in front of us. When we got back to T.L. we saw a small doe eating grass on the side of the road inside of T.L. We stopped the car for a little while and enjoyed this piece of nature. It was a beautiful moment. Then it was time to go back and get some sleep.

July 26, 2005

We decided to go and see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory that afternoon for a Matinee at 4:30 p.m. at Branson Meadows. We went out and bought our tickets in advance, on our way we decided we would go to C.C. on Wednesday instead of S.D.C. because we had never been. Well, we had a lot of time to kill before the movie so we drove over to 76 to Ride the Ducks to purchase our C.C. tickets, because when you buy them in advance you can get the Nightfire Meal Deal. That is what we did, with the deal you get unlimited cokes for the entire day and a bbq meal at Kick's barbeque for no extra cost. If you don't buy the deal in advance you can get the same meal for $10.99 or if you have season passes you can get it for $7.99. After we bought the tickets we went back to Branson Meadows, but we still had an hour before the show. So we did some shopping at the Branson Meadows Mall, found some good gifts for the kids. We went to see the movie. It was cute and funny, dh said he could do without all the singing but we enjoyed the money. After the movie, we went to Grand Country for some fudge. I sampled Cookies & Cream fudge. Dh and I got the cookies & creams, chocolate with pecans and peanut butter with nuts. Nephew got Rocky Road & Chocolate/peanut butter swirl. This is my favorite place for fudge. (coupons all over for this fudge including the VIP book). Then we took a drive to Branson West, we were going to see the Haunted Adventure, but when we got there we changed our minds. So we returned to TL for mini golf, but unfortunately it started to rain so we went back to the house and watched tv and played cards. Had sandwiches and fudge then off to bed.

July 27, 2005
Our 8th wedding anniversary

It was much cooler so we decided not to go to C.C. until Thursday. Luckily, the tickets are good for the entire week. We went to Grand Village to do some shopping, found a beautiful perfect picture to go over my mantle at the Thomas Kinkade shop. Then we went to Kringles and found some great gifts for our family. We left there and went across the street to Cakes & Creams for lunch and funnel cakes. Dh got a quarter pound chilli dog with cheese and nephew got a chilli pie, and we got funnel cakes. I ate a little of dh's chilli dog. (Coupon for Funnel cakes in VIP Book)
Then we took a drive to the fish hatchery to look around, afterwards we went to Dewey Short Visitor Center. Took a walk around the trail and sat on the benches and watched the squirrels play. They were cute. Then it was off to Walmart, to pick up some sodas and cookies (nephew wanted some Oreos). We went to McDonald's for shakes, then we went back to T.L. to play some cards and watch t.v. We went outside and watched the fireworks display from C.C. again. Then off to bed.

July 28, 2005

We hung out around the house until it was time to go to C.C. We still got there at about 2:45 p.m. so we had to stand and wait til 3 to get in. It was not crowded at all. Dh & I rode the Ozark Wildcat roller coaster, the ferris wheel twice and the one water ride they had. Nephew rode as many rides as he could. We took advantage of the all you can drink deal. We had dinner at Kick's (the one with the deal). We watched the Variety Show and the Game Show. The Variety show was good but the game show was hilarious. But overall I prefer S.D.C. over C.C. We stayed for Nightfire, it was good. We sat on the grass and watched. After we left, we went to McDonald's for shakes. Then back to T.L. and watched tv then bed.

July 29, 2005

We got up at 8 a.m. and went to the Branson Mall to see a free show. It was the "Wind Rhythms". It is a Native American group who play traditional, gospel, and contemporary music using Native American traditional instruments. This was my favorite show for the week. It is Monday - Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Branson Mall Theater. But it ends August 3, 2005. If you get a chance you should go to see this. It was absolutely wonderful. After the show we went to McDonald's for lunch and then we went downtown to look at Branson Landing progress. We went back to T.L. to play cards, while I took a nap dh & nephew played Nintendo and watched tv. At 6:00 we went to the clubhouse to see a couple of free shows, the first one was the Branson Spotlight Contestants preview show (does anyone know who won Friday Night). The second show was the Goldwing Express. They normally perform at the Imax theater. If you like bluegrass this is a show you should see. It was very good. We also had ice cream. After the show we went to Krispie Kreme for doughnuts to eat for breakfast Saturday and on the ride way home. When you go in to order you get a free doughnut sample (a whole doughnut) , also there is a coupon in the vip book, buy one dozen donuts and get one free. ($5.49 for 24 doughnuts)We went back to T.L. relaxed and off to bed.

July 30, 2005
We got up and checked out at T.L. and headed home. We took our normal route home. We got about halfway home dh & nephew wanted something other than doughnuts to eat so we found another McDonald's to eat at. (If I see a McDonald's any time soon I might scream lol Then home unpack and sleep. Long 6 hour drive home. Had a great time. Can't wait til I get to go back.
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good review!

thanks we are heading to Branson next week and enjoy reading your post and it gave me some ideas. i liked the Laura Ingalls Wilder fun you had. i read the books over + over when i was growing up and all my kids read them in school and we visited Mansfield a few years ago and loved it.
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Thanks for taking the time to post your review, Gbranmtns.
And for all the tips you gave us like the Dinner/Drinks Deal at Celebration City.
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Thanks for the review! That was funny about Laura Ingalls Wilder, and your nephew learned something new on the trip!
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Thanks for posting about your visit. Great information about the season pass price for the meal at CC, thanks for letting us know!!
Please visit Bransonmom.com!
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I enjoyed your review. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
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