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Old 12-05-2008, 09:57 AM   #1
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What can you remember about the most crowded day that you ever visited SDC?

The 1st Saturday in December 1995, I will never forget. My future wife and I attended our 1st ever Christmas at SDC. After taking 90 minutes to get into the park from HWY 265, we walked out onto the town square. I was amazed at how full the entire walking area was. I am a pretty large guy but to this day I will never forget that everytime that I took 2 steps forward, the oncoming shoulder-to-shoulder crowd would push me back 3-4 steps. We were scheduled to visit several family members there, and we did, but it was so hectic trying to visit that we went down to where the old petting zoo was located and sat on some benches there and visited away from the crowd. SDC was scheduled to close at 10p.m. but I remember an announcement on the loudspeaker that the park would stay open until 11 pm that night so visitors would still have time to visit some of the attractions. We still had fun though just being out among all the Christmas lights.

SDC used to list a few dates that would be more busy than usual. Do they still do that?
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Old 12-05-2008, 02:09 PM   #2
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It was in the fall...cause all the pumpkins were out.
It probably was about 10 years ago...(guessing).
Maybe this would pinpoint the time better..when did CAMCORDERS BECOME THE NORMAL THING...those big shoulder ones, and everyone had one in their face.

I had my purse, (huge)-my camcorder (40 lbs at least), my wool blazer, and all my packages of souvenirs...Hubby had his jacket. It got HOT outside...and I was in jeans and a large woolly turtle neck sweater....we sailed on down to as far ''in'' as you can go...THEN I decided I was too hot, wanted to leave, was tired of the theme park thing (we knew that would happen cause I'm not a theme park person, cause the first few years of my working life, was at a theme park)....and we came up out of there, dragging our crap behind us, park bench to park bench, sweating like water sprinklers.

We had to stop at each bench so I could rest and catch my breath...roflol.
Sweater scratching my neck and my new shoes wearing a blister on my heel.........

I HAVE NEVER GONE BACK... I'm telling you that was one bad experience. HOT and UP HILL - never again.

(but a funny memory).
(I still have that camcorder over there....)

And there were so many people there, I'd be talking to the Truckinfarmer as we climbed up out of there, and would discover about the time I broke out into cuss words some other man was walking beside me........

If anyone remembers this..keep yer mouth shut....yup that was me.
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It was the first weekend of November 1997. It was the first trip I ever took. I went with my husbands family (before we were married). We stood packed in there watching the big christmas tree get lit up. We were miserable. It took us several years to go back. Since my husband doesn't like many rides there wasn't much to do. But now that we have kids we really enjoy it!
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Old 12-05-2008, 02:38 PM   #4
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I guess I've been lucky. I've been to SDC on Thanksgiving weekend, mid-June and July weekends, etc, but I've never encountered a crowd so large that it kept me from doing all the things I've wanted to do or spoiled my fun in any way. I've had problems with traffic heading back into Branson, and I've had problems with the queue to the trams leaving the park, but I've never had problems due to crowds within the park itself. I've had lines, but I don't mind lines. Lines are just a part of visiting a theme park, so I guess I'm braced for them beforehand (much like I used to be with 76 traffic before being able to take advantage of the back roads).
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Old 12-05-2008, 03:46 PM   #5
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you mean there's a time it's not busy? I think everytime we've been there it's been busy, always had a good time. remember onetime a couple of years ago we ran into bumper to bumper traffic at Shepherd of the HIlls .... took for ever to just make it to the parking lot.

this happened several years ago... mid 90's i'd guess, we went out after 3;00... you know next day free thing... went to all the trouble getting parked, riding the tram in, and I swear there was not a cloud in the sky. we hadn't been there but about an hour or so, park was pretty full.... and it began to dump buckets of rain, water was running down SDC's streets, it was miserable out there.

they shut the park down, all the employee's left at the sametime all the customers were leaving... it was a nightmare of a traffic jam. everywhere you looked cars were backed up, employee parking lots, roads, customer parking lots.

I think we got to our car around 5;30 and made it back to our motel in Branson around 8;30 to 9;00. it was so bad that about 10 cars in front of us this kid jumps out runs down to the trees and uses the bathroom. about that time the cars began to move a little and out pops this kid from behind a tree chasing his folks car and pulling his britches up.

sitting here thinking about that day and had to come back and edit and another story to it. the same day when everyone was leaving at the same time...

the rain came in and left and the sun came out while we were sitting in traffic in the parking lot. you know that parking lot where the little booth is now and you have to pay for preferred parking just to the left of the main entrance.. there's a pretty steep hill up to the road.

this one idiot decides that rather than wait on traffic to clear out he will drive up that hill in his SUV. he get's about half way up and rolls down. when he rolls down his trailer hitch goes straight into the blacktop, now he can't go forward's or backward's... I can still see the SDC employee that came to check on them standing there shaking his head with a confused look, like I can't believe what i'm seeing.

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I can remember a time, many years ago, when we got stuck in line, traffic almost backed up to the RFD theater, and there was NO way to get out of the traffic or turn around.......... I honestly don't remember what the crowd was like when we got there, or if we even stayed - just the ride to get to SDC.
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Old 12-05-2008, 11:47 PM   #7
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Opening day at SDC March..2008 was the worst memory of going to SDC for us. The traffic was backed up forever, and moving at a snail's pace. We were in traffic for over an hour, then when we got to SDC, we waited another hour for the tram. The park was absolutely packed, and many of the rides were not running. The food lines were long also. We didn't stay long, thinking we would return the next day. We stood in line for another hour waiting for the tram back to the parking lot. It wasn't one of our fondest memories.
Thankfully, our last trip to SDC went very smoothly. We were parked and in the park in less than 30 minutes from our resort. The lines weren't long, and the rides were running, and there really wasn't a long wait. Everyone was happy to be at SDC!!!
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Old 12-06-2008, 08:55 AM   #8
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The 2nd busiest time that I remember was a Christmas visit in 96 or 97. The lines to go through the turnstiles to get in the park were backed up to the disabled parking lot so SDC opened a big wooden gate to our right and herded people into the park through a service entrance located, I believe just down from the miners restaurant. They were not checking anyone for tickets or season passes, just trying to relieve the log jam of visitors.
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