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Trip Report June 9-16 - Attractions visited

Silver Dollar City Ė I bought my tickets from reservebranson.com. I bought the 2 day for the price of one. Printed the voucher out on my computerís printer. Had no problems at the SDC ticket booth. It was pouring rain in the morning, and the forecast said, rain all day; heavy at times. So we held off for awhile. At noon time, the rain stopped, but it was still cloudy. We decided to risk it, which turned out to be a great move. All the rides were walk-on all day (and running at minimum capacity) . Very small crowd at the park. The biggest line of the day was Powder Keg, which turned out to be about a 3 train wait. Rode Powder Keg 5 times. Simply amazing, I knew it had a launch, but I was really surprised when I saw the lift hill. Wildfire once (nice smooth ride ) - Thundernation 5 times ( every time we got back to the station, there was nobody in line for our seat so they let us stay on Ė Very fun ride, it was a lot faster than I expected Ė itís the first time Iíve been on a coaster with the lift hill at the end of the ride. And the Flume (American Plunge ??) once Ė itís a basic flume with great themeing. Fire in the hole twice - its more of a dark ride with a couple of semi-fast drops. I wouldnít classify it as a roller-coaster. The only show we saw was the circus on ice. It was a pretty cool show, It had some funny comedy. Amazing that they put a small rink in that theater. We also watched the banana split eating contest (Kids fest). Checked out a lot of the shops, and some of the crafts. We left at 6:30pm, and I now regret not staying for the 7:00 pm show. We were beat. This is a great theme park, I was very fortunate that the crowds were very small, we did a lot in little time .

Ride the Ducks Ė Informative, fun, and a little corny Ė all at the same time. This is a must do for any person going to Branson for the first time. About 1 hour on land, and 20 minutes in the water. All the kids drove the boat. My 65 year old father even took a turn driving the boat. Those vehicles are tough, they take you through some very hilly terrain and through the woods.

Stone Hill Winery - Itís a very short free tour, and at the end you get to sample all of their wines. Iím not a wine drinker, but I tasted a few samples. There was one that I liked, but the name slips my mine. If you have a couple of free hours or if its raining you might want to check this place out. The reason we went was because it was close to the hotel and it was raining.
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Thanks for the nice review... I enjoyed reading it....
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Loved your review! Thanks!!
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Thanks for your trip report. It must have been nice not having to wait in long lines! We've never been that lucky. I've never been to the winery, but plan on trying it on our next trip.
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Good review, & we enjoyed The Winery Tour also!
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Thanks for the review! You gotta love the PowderKeg takeoff!!
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