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My Trip 8/10 - 8/13

We left for Branson about 1:00 Friday and arrived in Branson around 7:00 pm. We stayed at the Ozark Valley Inn on SOH Expressway. The rooms are very neat and clean, but the breakfast was not much. Our rooms were facing the street and the pool & hot tub were right outside our door, which I will certainly keep in mind for my next trip to Branson with my three little grandkids.

Saturday night we saw Lost in the Fifties with The Platters. The air conditioning wasn't working in the theater and it was miserable. We didn't enjoy the show because we were so uncomfortable. After the show we sat on the balcony of our hotel and watched the car parade. After an hour and a half of that, I gave up and went to bed.

Sunday night we saw Mickey Gilley, it is an excellent show, as far as I am concerned. We have seen it many times and I never get tired of it.

While were there, we ate at Shorty Small's, Billy Bob's Diner and the Farmhouse Restaurant, and they were all very good. The rest of the time we just had snacks, walked to Andy's Frozen Custard after Mickey Gilley's and I had a peach concrete, also very good.

I shopped most of Saturday and Sunday and my husband sat on the benches and sweated, with a lot of other guys.

Monday morning as we were leaving, we stopped at a lookout on Hiway 165 (I think). We parked in front of Scoops (an ice cream parlor that I had read about on this board). The store wasn't opened yet, so we walked across the hiway and took some pictures. As we were going back to our car, Scoops opened so we went in and ordered ice cream. The lady that runs the place made a comment to my husband about his "Sooner" baseball cap. She said she was from Oklahoma too. She lived in Oklahoma City when she was a child, and had some relatives that lived in Purcell, which is right across the bridge from Lexington, where we live. After we visited with her for five minutes or so, she said "Let me ask you something, have you ever heard of a man that used to live in Lexington named Rocky that works for the Santa Fe Railroad"? My husband just stood there laughing and it took me a minute to say anything. My husband IS Rocky. Come to find out, her grandfather worked with my husband on the railroad until her grandfather retired. He passed away a few years ago. He was a great friend to my husband. She asked my husband to give her grandmother a call, her birthday was that same day (as was mine), so we called her and wished her a happy birthday. Isn't it a small world! I think that was the highlight of our trip.

Sorry this is so long. Hope it wasn't too boring.
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Enjoyed your review. Isn't it neat when you run into someone who knows some of the same people you know! THat happened to us Friday night. Were waiting for dinner, started visiting with others who were waiting, and found out the lady was our grandson's speech teacher (in a town 90 miles from where we were visiting!) Certainly can be a small world, and it happens to us often, guess we just like to 'talk' to people!
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Oh I love love love your review.

How super for Rocky and you...glad you had a great time

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I enjoyed readin gyou post about your trip & meeting
the lady from Scoops!
This proves once again, it really is a small small world!
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Thanks for the review!!
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It sounds like you had a great time there. Thanks for the review!!! That was neat to meet someone that has heard of you.
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Good review, and lucky you to get to be in Branson on your birthday.
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