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Bilateral knee replacement

Just wondering who all here has had knee replacement? Has anyone had bilateral/both knees replaced at one time? I know it would be hard, but since they both need to be done....... heck, maybe I should see if I can get a package deal on two knees, two shoulders, and maybe throw in an ankle!
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I obviously have not. But a friend back home had both of hers done at the same time several years ago. She has never had any regrets.
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Originally Posted by bransoncutie View Post
I obviously have not. But a friend back home had both of hers done at the same time several years ago. She has never had any regrets.
Lots of factors to decide. Your general health, your motivation, your pain tolerance. How mobile are you prior to the surgery because immediately after, it is absolutely important to be motivated and mobile. Have you had major surgery before and how well did you do with that. What does the surgeon and your regular doc recommend. Anyone else with some personal experience on the receiving end of a bilateral knee, chime in.
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My Sister had both of hers done at the same time. She was in her late 60's. She was in the hospital, best I remember, about 10 days. Several of those days she was feeling no pain. LOL The only physical therapy she had was what she received in the hospital. She had a hard road to recovery but says she would do it again. This was about 10 years ago. She has a balance problem and wobbles when she walks. She now uses an upright walker for her mobility issues.
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I did not have mine done at the same time, but I have a friend of mine who did and had no problem. Mine were about 4 years apart, but I figured the second one went better because I knew what to expect. Don't regret it at all.

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I had my left knee done ten years ago this month. My neighbor had both of her knees replaced at the same time and had no significant issues. After my surgery, I went to a rehabilitation center for a week. There were people there who were probably 30 years older than I was who had bi-lateral knee replacements and appeared to be doing quite well. (I was only 54; that's fairly young for a TKR.)

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