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Old 07-20-2015, 09:06 PM   #1
Branson Junkie
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Jet Ski Rental

Anyone have any good suggestions as to where one might rent a jet ski for a reasonable charge someplace nearby.
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State Park Marina. But "reasonable" is a relative term. Eighty bucks/hoir, three ninety all day! http://www.stateparkmarina.com/wave.php
Port of Kimberling Marina is ten bucks cheaper, but in Kimberling City.
Rocklane $150/2hours, $375/4 hours.
Indian Point Resorts. $80/hr
Looks like around $80/hour is the going price.
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Old 08-02-2015, 05:44 AM   #3
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State Park Marina, always best in my opinion. Great location (much closer to Branson than Kimberling City) great service, newest models, quick response from marina if any help is needed out on lake. As far as expensive, well, once you price a comparable jet ski (wave runner) with all required taxes, permits, etc, plus a trailer with it's required license and insurance, plus the hassle of towing said trailer and jet ski(s) to Branson, parking them somewhere secure, then at some point towing it to the lake, launching, reparking, it suddenly becomes quite the "bargain", especially if you are going to just spend one day, or half a day, on the lake, while you do other things in town the remainder of your trip!
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Quoted;"My comment was its just amazing how MUCH money people spend on vacation now. "

You know, my parents were from WAAY back when, and one day some years ago, I was sitting with my mom on Daytona Beach, and we were watching all the "THINGS" that people were riding (atv's, jet ski's, paddleboards, kayaks, bicycles, surfboards, boogie boards, tricyles, parasails, etc) and all the vendors selling all sorts of stuff, and she, being a well seasoned "senor citizen" by that time, was telling me that she was just bewildered by what was going on, as when she and her girlfriends would come to the beach and park their cars on it back "in the day", they would spread a blanket, pull out the picnic basket, maybe put a small tarp canopy over them, and that was ALL the "amusement" they had, as they had so much fun just enjoying the beautiful beach, walking along it for miles, and wading/swimming. She just could not believe how much it took to amuse and occupy people now days. It was an interesting perspective.
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