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Didn't get your registration email confirmation yet??

When you register on the 1branson.com forums a confirmation email is sent (it really is sent ) While there could be an infinite number of reasons that you didn't receive it, there are 2 things you can check that account for 99.999999% of the problems receiving this email:

a. Spam blockers. - Most online email services (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, AOL, etc) use very aggressive spam filters and either move emails in to spam/bulk mail folders or just block them all together. So either before you register or even after, is to create a filter to allow mail from 1branson.com.

For gmail:
Settings > Filters (tab) > Create Filter
Enter 1branson.com in the From: field.
Click next.
Here you can either "Star" it or create a label like "1Branson Posts" to keep them seperate.

I'll add info on how to add filters with others as I have time. But do check Spam/Bulk Mail folders for lost emails.

b. Entered email address incorrectly - It does happen and it is frustrating, for you and me. For me, because most often people use the Contact Us form and all I have is the email the registered with. I reply and never hear another thing from them because I too sent it to the wrong email address. Be sure to login and check (reeeeeally check) the email address that you entered. If you need to change it, Enter your password and your email address. When you submit the change, it will resend the confirmation to your new email address.

c. If you are still having problems:
1. Log out (this let's you type in your email address instead of using the address that is stored)
2. Use the Contact Us Form and let me know that you are having a problem. Please, please don't forget to let me know what your username is.
3. I will respond to the email provided and once you reply to my email from that account I will manually confirm your registration.

Hope this helps a bit.
- "Borrow money from pessimists - they don't expect it back."
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