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Some special rules for the Movies/TV/Book forum

1. If you are going to talk about specific things in a Movie or TV show that others may not have seen yet or previews of upcoming episodes, please post a spoiler warning. Something like:


Either in the subject or at the top of your post. Just so that the reader has the option to avert his/her eyes. Some of us record shows and don't watch them until days later, or wait to see movies until it's been out a week or 2.

2. To discuss episodes of TV shows, start a new thread for each episode and put the air date and/or episode title in the subject line. Some of these threads can get quite long, this will help keep them manageable from week to week.

3. Be careful when using subject lines. Titles such as "The Steelers Won the SuperBowl!" or "Taylor won American Idol" can cause problems. A better title would be "Superbowl XXX - spoilers" or "New American Idol Winner - spoilers"

Can't think of anymore at the moment. If you think of anything that should be here, PM me.

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