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How to remove forums you don't want to see

With the addition of the new forums there is always the possibility of adding a forum that the users don't want. So I wanted to have a way for you to "turn off" those you may not want to see. To do that you would:

1. Go to the User CP and then select Edit Options.

2. At the bottom is a section called "Forums To Exclude From View"

3. You select the forum you want to exclude and click on "Save Changes"

note: To select more than one forum hold down the Ctrl Key when selecting your forums before clicking "Save Changes".

Example: If you just wanted Branson Vacation Information, you could just select "Miscellaneous Topics" to exclude, click Save Changes, and then everything under Miscellaneous Topics would be invisible to you.

These forums won't show up in the forum list or searches or Get New Posts.

You can always turn them back on by selecting [Reset Exclusion] and clicking Save Changes.

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