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City of Branson, Coast Guard, MSHP Water Patrol

Somebody, a safety heads up.
Friday afternoon I was fishing by the landing. They were changing cables on the zipline. Something broke, or came loose. The cable fell into the lake and was sticking out, and going up the bank. The Landing side didn't really matter because it was blocked by the dock, and didn't come out into the lake very far. The other side however didn't enter the water until a pretty good distance from the bank. Leaving it where a boat could easily hit it. Which one actually did. A small rental boat from a resort hit the cable, causing the bow to go into the air, and violently veer to the left. Luckily the two guys in the boat held on. The people working on the zipline had someone standing on the docks on the landing side, far away from the danger, waiving their arms at boats. But if you were watching in front of a boat you most likely not even see them. We also tried to get peoples attention to no avail.
I know the cable was not supposed to drop into the lake, but it did, and it could have been deadly. So next time how about a warning boat, out in the lake, to close the lake when the cable is being changed. Could be Water Patrol, USCG, maybe someone from Branson PD or fire and rescue, or even a private boat from the company doing the work.
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"Private Boat" not one on the taxpayer's dime.

Sounds like the Zip Line owner/operator just narrowly avoided causing a serious injury accident in cold water and cold air that could have resulted in huge $$ liability.
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I bet they do it differently next time... And I would imagine there will be an "official" watching also...
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