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How to Use The 1Branson Message Board

Basic Terminology

POST: This is the message you would type on the message board. It could be a question, comment, review, whatever.

THREAD: A Thread is made up of one or more POSTS usually along the same topic. An example is when a user posts a question. That POST was the start of a THREAD and all replies to that POST are a part of that THREAD.

FORUM: A collection of THREADS of a similar theme. Example questions, reviews, comments, news stories, about Shows in Branson, MO would all be placed under the Branson Shows Forum. The main page lists the forums. Note some active forums have sub-forums to better categorize the threads.

Are you looking for specific info?

Try the Search Feature
If you are looking for information your first stop should be the Search Page. You can either click on that link or find the quick Search box on the menu bar above. Enter your search terms and click on Search Now (or Go on the search box above).

Still can't find the answer?

Starting a New Thread: To do this you need to go to the forum most closely related to your question or comment. You can go to the main page for a list of forums. On each forum page you will find a list of threads. Just above that list and to the left is a button labelled "New Thread". Click on that button and enter your Title. Make the Title descriptive. If you want to know about Hotels that accept pets, don't make the Subject "A Question" make it "Which hotels accept pets?" This will make it more likely that somebody with the answer will read your post and answer your question. It will also make it easier for somebody in the future with that question to find the answer. Then ask your question in the Message box. Give as much info as reasonable, for the best answer. In the case of Hotels that accept pets you might want to know if there is a size limit, a deposit or extra charge, or some other detail. If you ask for those details you are more likely to get an answer that includes those details. Finally you can click on "Preview Post" or "Spell Check" until you are happy with your post. Then click on "Submit New Thread".

Replying to an Existing Thread:
If you've found a thread that is closely related to your questions or comment, or you just want to contribute to an ongoing thread, you'll want to Reply to that Thread. At the top of the first post and after the last post on a thread page and to the left, you will find a button labelled "Post Reply", it works very similar to Posting a New Thread but the Title isn't nearly as important here as the First Post in the thread sets the main Title for the Thread itself.

Hopefully this will be an ongoing message and if you have a question that isn't answered here or think a question could be answered better, just use the "Post Reply" button above.


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I"m Stuuuupid. When referring to a previous poster's post, or part thereof, how do I make their quote appear highlited in blue on my post

Thanks for your help. TW
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How to switch a post to another thread

I posted in the welcome board but feel that my post would get more replies in the attractions board. Can I move it over with out having to start over?

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To detour people not wanting to post after they're placed in a moderator que and can't discuss things in the forum till approved by an admin, would it be feasible to have new members 'have' to create a thread in the welcome area before posting anywhere else, instead of having to wait for an admin to be awake?? :3
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