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I know you and your family, you know who I am, we are proud to call you all friends and you know we love you all...
The masses have spoken. you keep doing what you guys do. And we will all keep coming to your show. (unless somebody yells "Virus" and they close the country down"). I guess then we will wait for 2 or 3 months
We all love the show, the effects, and appreciate the time, labor, thought and money you invest into your show.
Keep up the amazing work!
Thanks you!
Just another Day..
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Tim- thank you for your comments. I completely agree. Times are changing and so are entertainment preferences and standards. I am a 45 year old with a 21 year old daughter. Your show is the ONLY music show I've been able to take her to, because she has ZERO interest in older style country music or comedy. When she was little, we were able to visit Branson about 4 times a year. Now, I am lucky if she'll go with me once every 2 years. (now I go with friends or even alone!) My age range is becoming the one who spends the money on travel and if the industry wants that money, they'll have to be something there to attract us.
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Talking reworked playlists

@Tim Haygood, For those of us who are "boomers" you might want to rework some lyrics...


"dictum meum pactum"
My word is my bond

Laughter is the best medicine... unless you have diarrhea!

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