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Old 01-13-2009, 10:49 PM   #16
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I've really enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing the pictures. I'm dreaming too! Maybe some day I'll get to go there.

This link should take you to the Rankin Brothers FB Fan Page.
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Old 01-17-2009, 01:13 PM   #17
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Day 3

Waking up this morning i noticed something i have'nt noticed in quite awhile !! As I looked up from the FLOOR, everything looked "fuzzy" maybe it was something i ate last night

We actually had NO plans for the entire day and was just going to go walk 5th again...do some shopping and be by ourselves ( seems like whenevah we're in Playa we always run into someone that was not planned ) around 1 or so we run into BIGAL roaming 5th and we stop to have a drink and IT'S ON !!!!!! there goes a rather peaceful day of Deb and I being by ourselves !

BIGAL says: Hey ! I heard that some of the "peeps" are going to Tulum to hangout on the local public beach and it's really a nice beach at that. Sooooooo I ask him how far ? he says a couple of minutes south ! yeah right ! ends up being a 45 minute drive in his car. We did'nt know what to expect OR who we were going to see soooooo we just hang on for the ride south ! Turns out about 20 or so of the peeps from the forum are there lounging on the beach tossing down cervezas and working on their tans !

After about 3 hours of chatting, telling stories and pounding down cervezas in the HOT NOVEMBER SUN someone decides it's time to buy a few bottles of tequilla and asks the beach waiter to bring multiple shot glasses ! okies..........

After this "taste testing" we stumble errrrrrrrrrrrrr...... BIGAL drives Deb and I along with another couple from Minnesota ( from the forum) down to Oha beach resort....another 20 minute ride ! GEEZ !! We stop at one of the most beautiful resorts i've ever laid eyes on...this place is open to the public to dine at and use the beach but few people know about it because it's so far out of the way from anything. Rooms at this resort start at $200 and goes as far as $350 a night. The group decides to have a late lunch except Deb and I . Why would I wanna blow this beautiful buzz i have going with shoving delicious food down my piehole ?

It's around 5pm by now and we decide to head back to Playa but our friends from Minnesota decide to walk the beach back towards the way we came to checkout a Salsa dance bar on the beach and say to us they'll catch a collectivo for the ride back to Playa.

Deb and I get cleaned up after a long day at the beach and the buzz i was so proud of was starting to wear off sooooo we catch the free shuttle back to 5th and go grab a bite to eat stop at the Beer Bucket ( amongst others ) and see who's out and about. We run into Cap't Ron ( former owner of the Bucket ) along with some of the peeps and start working on buzz #2

Deb and I decide to call it a early night on 5th ...leave all the jokes and stories behind to the gang and grab a taxi and head back to the RIU to take in a night of hanging at the poolside bar and watch the entertainment on stage. This is where we run into the 2 young couples at the bar from Poland ! The tequilla boom boom's were on ! The couples from Poland never heard of them before so I felt it my obligation as a true American and good hearted soul to be an enlightenment for their evening They wents nuts over the boom boom's and we ended up spending our entire night having the best time of our trip with them ! They were so much fun ! They were having dance night on the stage and anyone could join in later in the evening soooooo Deb and the other 2 gals were and decided to go on stage ! Ever watch drunk people dance ?

One thing I would like to mention to all of you and that is this : If you ever consider staying at an AI hotel you had better be a lush errrrrrrrrrr ... like to drink alcohol or you are wasting your $$$ and this may make me look bad but hey........ i'm NOT related to YOU now am I ? Seriously.... only the breakfast meals at an AI are worth eating....everything else sucks for food that is, so how do you make it worth your while to stay at one ? When in Playa Del Carmen if you want to have GREAT food at GREAT prices, then eat downtown at any of the fabulous places in Playa...if you really wanna go cheap... eat at El Fagon's ..... you can stuff yourself with tacos for less than $5 per person !

Okies..... we are at the end of Day 3 during Day 4 ( our last night ) is our "peepmeal" with 35 peeps scheduled to show up at the rooftop of Carboncito's for dinner ! Buenos Nochez until Day 4 !

Upcoming pics are from the day at the beach in Tulum and the Oha beach resort, and of the night at he RIU poolside bar and ladies dancing the night away

My good friend from Canada....Maggie and I

More pics of the night at the RIU coming up !
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Old 01-17-2009, 01:27 PM   #18
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The night of the BOOM BOOM's...

Our friends from Poland at the RIU joining us for BOOM BOOM's..

The FIRE did'nt show up in this pic.... but the coffee drinks they were making were on fire when they poured them !

Dancing drunks !!!

Deb leading the way off stage errrrrrrrrrrrrr stumbling off stage !

Does she even know where's she's going ????

Lobby of the RIU Lupita

The bar is under the big palapa to the right with the rest. being under the one to the left !

Day 4 ( or last ) to be continued ...................
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Old 01-17-2009, 06:37 PM   #19
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Thanks for the review and the pics!!
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Old 01-18-2009, 06:26 PM   #20
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Thanks for your response Critter....hope you and others have enjoyed reading my trip report as much as I have had writing it ! Hope your hubby is doing well as well as you and your daughter !

Day 4

Well today is our LAST day in Playa Del Carmen and we decide to sleep in....LATE ! We did'nt get outta bed until prolly 9:30 ...just enough time to shower and go shovel breakfast down before they shut off the buffet ! The breakfasts at AI ( as I stated earlier on day 3 ) are always fantastic ! you have any kind of eggs you like sausages, bacon, toast, fruits, OJ, coffee and all sorts of Mexican traditional goodies ! We stuffed ourselves because it was going to be our last big meal until the peepmeal at carboncito's at 7 pm.

We decide that today is the day of "the living dead" and we are going to stay at the hotel.... lounge around all day....sit by the pool or jump in the hammocks play with the wittle raccoon monkey's knocking over peoples drinks as they swam and getting themselves a good buzz fer the day !

It's around 11 am and we are relaxing by the pool and I see my other fav bartender ( Jose' ) opening the poolside bar....I wait..........and wait.........and wait.........till I finally ask Deb what time it is and she say's 11:45.......DAT'S IT !!!!!!! IT'S GOTTA BE 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE !!!!!!!! ....BOOM BOOM TIME !!! We continue to hangout at the pool and our frind BIGAL shows up .... seem's he knows someone that has an "extra" bracelet to show that he is staying there and therefore has the same privaledges as we do. He later tells me he has several bracelets that the AI's use to identify that your are staying there and therfore you can have FREE drinks, food etc. that bugger uses these to go to different AI's all the time for free food and drinks whenever he wants ! Talk about eating and drinking in Playa for free !!!!!!!! GEEZUZ !!!

Now the entertainment staff ( made up of young HOT guy's and naughty chicas ) come around when all is peaceful and people catching cat naps and so forth by the pool and SCREAM over the mic. WAKIE !!!!!!!!! WAKIE !!!!!!!! TIME FOR BINGO !!!!!!!! Now playing bingo in Mexico is a whole nudder adventure ! numbers are called out in Spanish, English, German, Dutch, Japaneese and whatevah other languages they know ! and the games they were playing we did'nt even understand ! ...... afew more BOOM BOOM's and I'm starting to get the hang of it and all of a sudden.....GAME OVER

By now it's time to get "refreshed" and catch the shuttle to 5th and walk the 2 blocks to Carbonsito's for the peepmeal. One thing I would like to say is this....... I NEVER EVER drink as much when i'm home on an everyday basis as I do when i'm on vacation ...especially in Playa and i'm sitting by a pool at the end on November and i know there's snow on the ground back home and it's 85 degrees here ! I also would like to let you know i'm NOT trying to brag about going to Playa and always running into people i know....it's just with the help of my friend BIGAL Deb and I have had the opportunity to meet alot of great people who live there being both American and Mexican ! That is what draws us back to Playa so much.......being in a different country ..... knowing people who actually live there in this paradise.... it's like living in small town America except the diversity is soooo great !

I really don't have any pics of the peepmeal as we seem to have forgotten the camera ( of all times ) but I will tell you this, 38 people from the forum showed up for this and they were from as far away as Germany, Sweden, Jersey to California to Texas to Canada ! What an experience ! Food was FANTASTIC ! If you ever find yourself in Playa .... go to Carbonsito's on calle 4 just off 5th and "Russell" will take care of you .... he is originally from New York.....Queens to be exact ! The "Shrimp Broulette" is to DIE FOR ! the meal was a private get together on the rooftop including our own bar and waiter....the view was simply one of the most beautiful views in all the world ! You could see Cozumel accross the bay from anywhere ( including the "Banos" ...bathroom )

After an evening of visiting... we decide to head back to the Lupita as we have to leave in the morning and BIGAL was to pick us up at 10am for the ride back to Cancun to catch our flight.

Day 5

BIGAL gets us to Cancun in plenty of time to catch our flight.....it's always hard to say goodbye to such a good friend that does so much to make sure you have a good time in Playa ! Driving you anywhere you want to go....showing you where everything is ( I know Play well enough now i feel at home ) to giving you his rental condo for nothing. I met him on the forum before he moved to Playa.... he was from DeadWood, S.D. and Deb and I went there to meet him on a couple of different occasions, he owned to bars/rest. in DeadWood for over 25 years one being right next to Kevin Costners place where he has had breakfast with his parents ( live in Spearfish, S.D. ) and have met Kevin himself along with having BIG AND RICH play at his casino ( before they got famous ) and other celebs as well. I have just been very lucky in my life to meet some of the most fantasic people through message boards and I hope this continues with this board !

Next stop.....Branson......summer '09
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Old 01-18-2009, 06:43 PM   #21
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Darn! Is the trip over? It was so much fun
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Old 01-18-2009, 06:47 PM   #22
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I have enjoyed reading your trip reports. It made me feel like I was there. I will be waiting on your report about Branson when you go!! Maybe we will be there at the same time!!
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Old 01-18-2009, 07:17 PM   #23
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Thanks for the report, Duck! It sounds like you & Deb had a great time :-) We're going back to Mexico in 2010, still undecided between Playa and Cozumel, but I might need to jump over to that forum and get to know some peeps!
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Old 01-18-2009, 07:28 PM   #24
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Always enjoy your trip reports and really love the pics.
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Old 01-18-2009, 07:31 PM   #25
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Excellent trip report, Duck.... one of theses day we'll see you down there.... trying to put a couple of trips together for this year..... hopefully

again, great trip report.........
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Old 01-18-2009, 08:49 PM   #26
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Thank You for your comments ! Trip reports can be looked at 2 ways.... a pain in the .... OR to be re-lived again... i choose to re-live, it takes alot of time to put one together which is why i don't blame "ggh" for sighing over doing one....especially with all the pics she took ! When she has the time I bet she blows us away with her thoughts on Playa Del carmen !

shis1......... it was'nt over either, glad you found it interesting enough to comment on....Thank You !

Critter ...... We must make plans to be in Branson at the same time....hopefully your hubby will be back by then ? My neices hubby just got sent back again for a year

Ms_Terese.... I would love to see where you decide to go... and don't just stay in 1 spot ! We went to Cozumel via the ferry and had a great time....and you will love being in either place....just make sure to visit both !

biscuitcreek...... Thanks for your comments..... now GIT 'R DONE....and try a trip down there !!!

golfnut........ YOU are the man ! if not for you we would have never found Playa ! even though we have been to Puerto Vallarta....you convinced me to checkout Playa and i've NEVER regretted it....we MUST meet sometime, somewhere, somehow ..... I will never forget you bro !
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Old 01-19-2009, 11:57 AM   #27
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Thanks for the report I really enjoyed reading it.
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Old 01-19-2009, 02:24 PM   #28
adair iowa
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Thanks for the reliving of the warm weather and your trip.
My bil and sil were in Cancun jan 6-13 and when they stepped off the it was about 5 above. B I L just could not wait to go out and do chores again.
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Old 01-20-2009, 08:30 PM   #29
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OU fan and Adair..... Glad you enjoyed it ! try it sometime !!! it's not that expensive of a trip
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Old 02-07-2009, 07:44 AM   #30
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Just read your trip report. Great review and pics too! I'm dying to get away for a while, to some warmer weather!!! My husband and I are trying to plan a trip for the first week of June, our 10th anniversary. We went to Cancun when we were married and haven't been back to the area since. I've heard lots of good things about Playa and wondering if we would enjoy it more than Cancun. Could you give me some travel tips, hotel recommendations, must see and do's, etc. We mainly want to hang on the beach, some siteseeing, bars at night. My husband is picky about hotels though, so we need a cool, decent one. Any suggestions or thoughts would be great!
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