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Smile Just Back from Eureka

Hi all,
Well, the travelling bug sure seems to have bitten me lately. I had just gotten back from Montana when my on-again/off-again/on-again boyfriend Pat called me and suggested we get away together for a few days. He just got back from a year of active duty in the military doing Homeland Security and needed a little time to relax and have some fun. He said we should go to Branson, but I talked him into Eureka, since it's a little closer to home.
On Tuesday morning we called up Becky at Sweet Seasons and told her we wanted to take advantage of their two nights for the price of one deal. We were originally supposed to be in Bluebird Bowers, but when we got there, we had a slight problem with the a/c (a MUST in July in August!!!). No problem, though, they happily transferred us to the Keepsake suite right next door. Both cottages were absolutely lovely. BB had large window seat and a spacious porch area that I fell in love with, but the Keepsake Suite was beautiful and romantic. It has a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub for two, a sitting room/kitchen area that was lovely, and a large bedroom with sitting area, which was fully equipped with a large TV, VCR, and stereo. The location was great, too! Right on Spring Street...an easy walk to all the shops!
We got to town around 1 on Tuesday, and after getting settled in, we headed to Eureka Massage so I could get a 1hr masage from Cindy. It was great, and boy did I need it after a week on horseback!!!
After the massage, we explored some of the downtown shops for a while, then returned to our room to get ready for dinner. We went to Duke's West Oaks, usually a favorite of mine. Unfortunately, it was a real disappointment this time. I had crab legs, and they were severly overcooked. I guess Miss Lita at the Copa has spoiled me with her perfect crab legs!
After dinner, we had some time, so we went to the Pied Piper Pub for a drink. As always, Alex took great care of us. Next, we headed to the Mysteries of Magic theater. Neither of us had ever been to a live magic show before, but after this one, we'll be sure to go again!!! It was really great. The usual magician was not there, but his fill-in "Johnny Magic" was a worthy substitute! As a note, those of you who live in Carroll County can get in for only $5, a real bargain for two great hours of entertainment!
Wednesday morning, we went to the Village Restaurant at Pine Mountain Village for breakfast. YUM! We had a great breakfast, with terrific service. Also, they had great music playing on their sound system. It was a band called the Doe Brothers. If anyone knows how I can get one of their CD's, PLEASE let me know!!!!
After breakfast, we headed to the White River for a five-mile float trip. Man, is that river cold!!! We put in at Beaver Dam, and the dam started generating soon after we got on the river. It gave us a nice little current to float on. I had never floated the White before (I'm extremely partial to the Buffalo), but it's a pretty river that is apparantly floatable all year, so it was nice. We saw tons of rainbow trout, which left us wishing we had brought along a few fishing poles!
After our relaxing float, we headed to Sparky's for lunch. Sparky's is never a disappointment! We love their spicy fries, and their large selection of beers.
With our bellies full, we headed back downtown for some more shopping. We hit several of the shops, and then made a slight detour to go see my friend Carrie (aka Home Again) at Wild Child's. We were happily surprised to see her husband Rick there, as well! We had a loooooong chat, and I looked through Carrie's portfolio...still trying to find the perfect design for my tattoo!
After our visit with Carrie, we headed back to the room for a short nap before going out for the evening. We went to Miceli's for dinner. We had never eaten there, and never heard anyone talk about it, but I was really pleased with our choice!
After dinner, we went to the Ozark Mountain Hoe Down. I cannot say enough good things about this show! We absolutely loved it!!! It was funny, and all of the musicians are very talented. (Actually, I wasn't crazy about the female singer, but I REALLY liked everyone else.) I even bought a video so I can share the experience with my mom. My favorite part was the bluegrass pre-show, and Pat really loved the tribute to Hee-Haw, but the whole show was great. If you like country music at all, I highly reccommend it!!!
We got up Thursday morning, and packed up all our stuff...ready to head home. We decided to stop off at Myrtie Mae's (at the Best Western) for breakfast. It was a HUGE mistake. We had the WORST service ever, and the food left a lot to be desired. (We couldn't even eat the toast because it was so burnt...now tell me, how hard is it to make toast???) It took us over half an hour to get our food (they were not busy at all), and we only saw our waitress three times...once when we ordered, once when she brought our food, and once to bring the ticket. I had emptied my coffee cup within the first five minutes of being there and NEVER got a refill. Oh well, a negative end to an overall great trip. We'll be back to Eureka soon, but I won't be going back to Myrtie Mae's for sure!
Sweet Seasons Website
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Old 07-19-2003, 06:44 AM   #2
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poor service

Glad you had a great trip. As for poor service, there have been a couple of times in a full service resturant where we could not get refills after waiting a LOOOONG time, i simply got up, went to the waitress station and refilled them myself. Now THAT got the attention of the waitress! Didnt make much difference on service the rest of the meal though.
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Old 07-20-2003, 11:08 PM   #3
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Tawny, could you tell me where the Mysteries of Magic Show is located? Is it close to the main part of Eureka Springs? Is it close to the Crescent Hotel.
I have never been to Eureka Springs.

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Old 07-20-2003, 11:42 PM   #4
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The Mysteries of Magic theater is located on Hwy 23 South, less than a half mile off of Hwy 62. It's pretty close to downtown Eureka (or the "Historic Loop"), maybe 5 minutes. I don't know about the rules for posting links to outside sites on this board, but if you PM me, I can send you a link to a map of Eureka that will give you a good idea of where it is.

The Crescent Hotel is right on the Historic Loop.
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Old 07-21-2003, 12:08 AM   #5
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I really enjoyed your review of Eureka Springs. I live just about 30 minutes from there. I especially liked the part about the shows you went to see. I have only seen Pine Mountain Jamboree but not the other two and I haven't heard very much mentioned about them.

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Old 07-21-2003, 12:11 PM   #6
Eureka Spgs Mag
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magic show

Tawnee--we are VERY GLAD to hear a warm review of the Mysteries of Magic Show. This is our third season here in Eureka Springs and this is the first review here on the Branson Board. We are glad to hear a glowing review of Johnny Magic, our special July guest star. This is his first season here in Eureka and he adds a lot to the production. We hope to have you back soon as a guest.
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Old 07-21-2003, 08:50 PM   #7
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Hi All,
And thanks for your replies!
Jerm, if you live only 1/2 hour away from ES, you're even closer than I am! You lucky duck! I've been going to Eureka for daytrips quite a lot lately, as I've made a lot of friends on their local message boards. They have a great group of people that have been really supportive of me in a difficult time, with my mom's health condition. (You may remember she was diagnosed with cancer recently...I know you've gone through a similar situation, so I'm sure you know how important a support system is to me right now.) Anyway, their message board has get-togethers, so I've met a lot of them in person, and now consider them to be close friends...If you are ever planning on a trip to Eureka, check out their board (eurekasprings.com, click on "Ask the Locals"), and they'll probably have some sort of function going on!

ESMag, I'm glad that you appreciate the good review! I'm a true believer in word-of-mouth being the best form of advertisement, and I've been sure to tell lots of people about the great show Johnny Magic puts on!

CountryFan, wow, I guess we do have pretty much opposing views of Myrtie Mae's and of the Hoe-down. I know with Myrtie Mae's, it may have just been a bad day. As for the Hoe-down, I think it just may be different tastes in music. I really didn't like the girl...I felt like she would have rather been pretty much anywhere except on stage, and I like to see performers enjoying themselves...but other than that, I thought it was a really fun show. I will take your advice and check out the Jamboree on one of my next trips over. As for the Doe Brothers, their CD was playing inside the Village Restaurant. I asked the waitress and she showed me the CD cover so I'd know what to look for. Apparently, they're a local band. I've since found a website for them, contacted them, and now have plans to go back to Eureka to see them live on August 2 at their CD release party. I have to REALLY like a band a lot to go to that much trouble to find them!
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Old 07-23-2003, 09:42 AM   #8
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Thumbs up Pine Mountain Jamboree

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here in Eureka Springs.
Next time, please visit the Pine Mountain Jamboree! My 12 year old daughter sings on their show every weekend (Friday and Saturday only). The Drennons have really brought her talent out and I am so impressed with the experience that she is gaining. The show is great! My daughter is great! and the Drennons and the cast are great! If anyone from Branson comes down, please go see Pine Mountain Jamboree (especially on weekends when Hillary is singing). Tell them you've come to hear Hillary! (I know, I'm bragging...but aren't mothers supposed to brag?).
Enjoy! Ellen
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