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Eureka Springs/Ghost Tour Review

A friend and I went to Eureka Springs this past Saturday with the intention of spending the night and the day there. When we arrived late on Saturday afternoon we attempted to find a room to stay overnight. EVERY single room in town to be had was filled ALL motels/hotels were filled including the Cresent. I have never been to Eureka Springs when every single room was filled I thought we could just drive down there and get a room with no problem. This however was not the case. We ended up having to drive into Rogers to get a room. When I checked into a hotel there the lady at the desk said that some other people checked in and said they had also tried to stay in Eureka but everything was filled up. I asked why so many people where in town and was told that it was the last weekend of the Passion Play. The Cresent Hotel was filled because they had two weddings going on. After not being able to find a room we headed on up to the Cresent to get our tickets for the Ghost Tour. As far as the things that we saw on the tour it wasn't much. They take you underneath the Cresent Hotel into the basement. But on the filp side the information that you get on the tour was wonderful. I learned lots of things that I had no idea about. Things like the secret passages in the Cresent and why they were there. I also learned what a strange person Dr. Baker was. After leaving the tour I wanted to find a book about him to read more. They don't take you by Michael's room but you can go by it yourself if you like. We had two tour guides one that gave you the introduction and the basement part of the tour and one that gave you the 3rd floor tour. The intro/basement tour guide which was also the owner was kind of odd. He even told us at one point that there was a ghost in the room with us. He said that he can feel them and he visits with them. He was serious about all of this, he was not trying to be funny. We learned about ghosts from the Victorian period as well as ghosts form the 30's and 40's that "haunt" the Cresent today. The tour costs $15 dollars a person and last about 2 hours. I thought it was very interesting as far as the information but not from seeing lots of things. After the tour we headed to Rogers for the night. The next day we headed back to Eureka for some shopping. We parked downtown and paid $4.00 to park. We went in several interesting shops. We wanted to eat at Devitos for lunch but it was closed. Next we tried to eat at a place called Ermilios(sp?). It is located in a house by the Cresent Hotel. It was closed for lunch as well. We ended up going to Cafe Santa Fe. It was great as usual. Then we headed home
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Yikes, did Stanley get to go on this one?

This doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but glad you enjoyed it!
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I agree

I agree with Jerm about the Ghost tour. We went not expecting to see any ghosts, but enjoyed the ghost stories anyway, and found the history of the hotel fasinating. If you enjoy watching the "haunted hotels" shows on the travel channel, then you would enjoy the Crescent Ghost tour.
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Great Review - Sorry you couldn't get in to DeVitos.

You should still keep in on your list for next visit though. I will be there in November and will let them know they missed an excellent opportunity to impress another person with their wonderful food. I am also going to try to find their place in Branson. I believe they are out just past Big Cedar. They relocated when their trout farm buildings burned down at junction of 62 and 65 in Arkansas.

I know I heard things when I stayed at the Crescent and that was before we found out it was haunted. My husband even put a door in front of the door going out to the patio because it kept opening on its own (even after he locked it). He took a bungie cord and tied it to the chair then put the remote in the drawer so the TV wouldn't come on in the night. He still accuses the dog of walking on it because it was in the floor, but I keep reminding him the dog was locked in the bathroom all night with her bed and puppy pads and could not have gotten to the remote.

Ah, memories of our stay at the Crescent.
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