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Who's been fishing?

Don't exceed your limit!

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Why does their story start with a picture of the record paddlefish caught out of Table Rock?
Oh well, good job MDC. There is no reason other than greed to have so many fish over your limit. On a good day I might catch 40 or 50. If I want some fish for the table I will keep my limit of four decent sized trout. 12-15 inches. Any under, or over are returned to the lake. All after I have a limit in the boat are released.
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A measly $1000 fine is just peanuts.

It's time to put some serious monetary penalties and even jail consequences on meat-hog violators like these two. Maybe it's time to start confiscating their boats and tow vehicles like the State of Minnesota does with game and fish regulation violators ?

Rescinding their "fishing privileges" is going to last until maybe next week when they'll be back at it again. They were in full knowledge of what they were trying to get away with when way over both the daily catch and possession limits.

It's not just Trout that are affected by these meat-hogs but our Deer population gets hit hard by Poachers using early and illegal methods too. We're currently hearing the usual high-powered, single rifle shots and know of one particular Archery hunter that is staying on their stand in the woods way after dark.
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and know of one particular Archery hunter that is staying on their stand in the woods way after dark.
You can do your part.
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Originally Posted by rjw1991A1 View Post
I used to be on the state Operation Game Thief board here in Louisiana. It was interesting and, I believed, worthwhile. I got off because it was a long drive for meetings, but it was a good experience.
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Hmmm...well there are several points to consider...up until 2014, it WAS LEGAL to take an UNLIMITED number of anterless/young bucks/does in Missouri! So, if you had neighbors "bragging" about having 6 (or for that matter, 600!!) deer in their freezer(s) in the years preceding and up to, 2014, they were doing NOTHING illegal!

As for a truck sitting beside a road, after dark, with hunting decals all over it..well, it just depends HOW FAR that hunter had to walk in to get into his tree stand! If he is several miles deep into the woods (yes, it IS possible to be "there") and stays on the stand until sundown/dark, then carefully walks out, going up and down the rugged canyons, hollers, skirting rock bluffs, and streams, it can take a LONG TIME to get back to your truck!! And again, he is doing NOTHING illegal!

There are areas in Missouri with SEVERE deer overpopulations! As an example, take the tiny little burg of Town and Country. They have been spending $100K, that's correct, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, every year to fund the killing of thousands of deer, in a desperate attempt to gain control of the whitetail OVERPOPULATION in their area! But to no avail, as the more they spend, the more deer they kill, the FASTER the deer reproduce, and the LARGER the OVERPOPULATION of white tails becomes! Last I heard, they were looking to either attempt a vast STERILIZATION of the deer herds....there seems to be conflicting debate within the scientific community as to whether that is a viable option, that is more effective than hunting and shooting them.

My personal opinion, is that I am tired of being on edge anytime I am driving at dark on any Missouri highway, straining my eyes and ready to slam on my brakes or take drastic evasive action, for any deer that jump out in front of me! So, IMO, please harvest all the deer you wish! I have had multiple collisons with deer, in Missouri, and Arkansas, traveling back and forth at times, and I don't wish for any more! Of course, do all your "harvesting" legally..yep, yep.
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