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Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you have many blessings to count and a great meal. May those who are traveling have safe travels.
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Life is just so...well, unpredictable, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference what day it is. Some people will wake up Thanksgiving morning and feel they and their household are so very blessed...others will wake up and feel certain they are cursed. Some women will wake up tomorrow morning to a loving and happy family that she loves very much...other women will wake up to a nightmare existence, to be beaten by someone she has grown to both hate and fear....some children will wake up to loving parents who raise them with much love and caring...other children will wake up to another day of hellish conditions of abuse by a father figure or mother in a house filled with constant fighting, drugs and/or alcohol abuse....some people will celebrate the birth of a brand new baby tomorrow...other people will mourn the sudden and unexpected loss of a child...some people will celebrate the curing of a frightening disease...others will be told their condition is terminal...some people will be celebrating a birthday or anniversary of a loved one...others will wake up to mourn the death of a spouse or a lifelong mate....

Since Life is so fragile, so unpredictable, and we never know what circumstances the people we bump into are dealing with, as we go merrily on our way to gorge ourselves and revel in our perceived blessings and good fortune....lets just try to make a positive personal moment in their lives...as we celebrate this day of Thanksgiving for all that is good in our own lives.
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Happy Thanksgiving!
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