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Originally Posted by Branson Friend View Post
What is the “over/under” on days before people start complaining they don’t get an area appreciation rate?
Never know, ask you Doc. there might even be a two for one deal on your RX.
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State Police, and Branson cops, have NO TEST to determine if you, or the person who just crossed lanes and smashed into your car, are illegally driving their vehicle stoned out of their minds on pot...because there IS NO SUCH TEST, as there is for driving under the influence of alcohol.
So they have to do it the old fashioned way. By actually observing a suspect. Not relying on a machine, and an arbitrary number se t by politicians.
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so...WAS he...or WASN'T he...stoned on pot..driving under the influence of Marijuana?? That, we will never know, it appears....

This last weekend, Friday night, one of the "good guys" in America, you know, the type of people who help other people in times of need, (a Timothy Williams, age 55) had responded in his tow truck (Affordable Towing), to a disabled vehicle on the side of Highway 65, just north of Springfield. He was standing outside and next to the disabled vehicle and his tow truck, when another person, a 27 year old male, swerved off the highway and directly hit him, killing him instantly.

The Missouri State Police stated that the suspect was " tested for alcohol, as required by law"...refusing to comment further. Interesting, don't you think? We have a substance that impaires a person's driving ability as much as alcohol, marijuana, and is now legal to buy in and around Branson, and other locales...yet there is no "requirement by law" to test a person deemed At Fault in a vehicular fatality...because THERE IS NO SUCH TEST that can be administered. This is sheer lunacy. So was the 27 year old male driving under the influence of pot? Never gonna know...
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