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Perhaps the End is Near (Credit to "Branson News")

The Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB has assembled a task force to make plans for the economic revitalization of Branson.

According to Jeff Seifried, President/CEO of the Branson Chamber/CVB, the plan is for Branson to be open memorial weekend.

“The task force focus is to generate reasonable guidelines and resources to protect employees and guests as we open memorial weekend,” said Seifried. “A business toolkit is just one of the several items being focused on so that every business may have the best chance possible to survive and thrive when we open Branson.”

“When Gov. Parson lifts restrictions allowing some businesses to reopen, we need to be ready,” said Seifried, in the release. “We must come up with strategies on how we can do this safely.”

According to the release, the task force will look at the process of opening up business in a few weeks, that will include the continuation of appropriate social distancing guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“As it becomes safe to welcome back our visitors, Branson wants to be at the forefront,” stated the Chamber’s release.

Members of the task force include representatives from several businesses, the live entertainment, attractions, retail, lodging and restaurant sectors. Other entities also represented include the school district and city hall.

According to the release, Branson, Missouri’s two-county area (Stone and Taney counties) has a $3.5 billion annual economic impact in the state. In a daily online update on April 23, Lisa Marshall, director of the Taney County Health Department and task force member, highlighted the efforts of the task force and the work they’re doing to prepare a plan for our area to provide a “safe and responsible” opening.

“I liken this to walking backwards. We didn’t get to where we are with just a flip of a switch. So what we’re really pushing is kind of that phased-in approach so that we’re not just flipping a switch and everything goes back to normal immediately,” said Marshall in her update. “Really the purpose of that is so we don’t see a giant spike in our numbers that overwhelms our health care system or a lot of people get sick again.

“So we want to make sure that we’re doing this in a safe and responsible way, but just wanted everybody to know that we’re working on this. Currently Taney County’s numbers are doing pretty good, we’re holding fairly stable, so we’re looking positively to the future.”

It’s important to remember that everything will not be opened up in a single swoop, it will take time, come in phases and Branson will face challenges to get back up and running as normal.

“Currently we are looking at how to source PPE (personal protective equipment) to the business community and guests,” said Seifried. “We welcome guests from every state and with that comes a heightened responsibility to ensure safety. Businesses in Branson are built to operate on high volume and depending on government regulations / needed safety precautions that business model may not work as it did previously in the near term.

“I think social distancing is here to stay until there is QUICK testing for COVID-19 and antibody testing or cases are non-existent. Businesses will return based on implemented safety measures and ability to operate under any new regulations.”

It’s also important to remember that being a tourist destination Branson will face hardships that other cities won’t.

“As a tourist destination consumer confidence is a big part of intent to travel. Our actions now to protect our employees and guests as we open are key to delivering on consumer confidence. No time in recent history has local, state and federal governments advised people not to travel on a mass scale, even to their own local tourist attractions.”

With keeping an open mind, comes the possibility of knowing that professionals have discussed the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall and after things “go back to normal” as businesses and cities begin to open back up. Plans for everything are in the works.

“The last 40 days have been like drinking from a fire hose of information, which changes every day. This is being discussed and this is why testing is so important along with contact tracing, to be able to isolate someone who is showing symptoms and protecting others who were in contact with that individual.”

"Never Argue With a Fool, Onlookers May Not Be Able to Tell the Difference."
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Oh yes of course...the "task force". Wasn't there a music show "task force" ? And a few other "task forces" which accomplished exactly diddley squat? We've yet to hear how much this new "task force" will cost - Right?
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Yes, I agree. The previous various task forces have a dismal history in accomplishing what they were formed to do...but in this instance, i am going to, until I see otherwise, support this particular task force. Due to the absolute necessity of getting Branson back in action. I see they stated, as I have for quite some time, that with mandatory "social distancing" the various theaters, restaurants and other attractions will have to drastically reduce their customers at all times. So,and I am sure this is a question they will study, will ticket prices have to rise in direct ratio to the percentage of diminished patrons? Will a business take a 50% financial loss for each day open, vs 100% loss, of not being open? It will, if they have any cash reserves, delay the inevitable bankruptcy if that business...so will they be willing to make that gamble, in the Hope's they can somehow hang on and not burn through their last dollar, in Hope's things will drastically improve sooner than later, when they can once again "pack the house" and start making money? It's either that, or raise prices by a factor of two or three times, imo. Also, they talked about providing PPE gear-masks/face coverings and gloves for both business employees AND tourist/patrons. Wow. That is a daunting task to source said supplies, when such a giant financial powerhouse as Walmart has found it difficult to impossible to provide PPE for their employees...and Beanson has FAR MORE visitors than Wslmart has employees. And I just read today how the San Francisco mayor was stating how she has been unable to secure PPE for her city employees, even though they had been ordered and the city had plenty of funds to pay for them. She stated that China had diverted her orders of PPE to other foreign country's. Also that Customs officials had seized them a
Upon entry of the USA and held them and auctioned them off to higher paying bidders, AFTER San Fran had ordered and paid for them! Also that other government agencies had also confiscared some during transit, and sent them to THEIR chosen states/city's. So I just dont know how the task force will solve this particular issue.
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