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More phone stuff

For all those in the tri-lakes area that have crappy reception, verizon has a new all you can consume prepay plan for just 40 bucks a month. Unlimited call, text and unlimited data (however data speed is limited to 5 mgbs ......which should be more than adequate for most uses including video streaming on your phone or tether to a lap top, GPS directions etc). Plus you can tether to 1 device, say a laptop as part of the plan. The new service is called Visible which is owned and operated by Verizon and if you have an I phone you can probably bring it on board as long it is not bound by a contract. You are limited to a few android phones but more is coming and if you have any old clunker android phone that will power up, you can trade in for a free R2 phone ( which is a ZTE android phone made for the Visible service......otherwise it is 99 bucks if you do not have a clunker to trade in for the freebee. Definately worth a look if you already have verizon and not locked in their contract or if you need better reception in these hills and tmobile or sprint is not cutting it and want to go to verizon on the cheaps. No multiple lines or family plans needed for these cheap rates of 40 bucks a month for all you can use. Cancel anytime, no contracts. Sounds like a bargain to me based on Verizons history of high prices.....and yes that includes taxes and etc.



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