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Cool Branson Prices - Trip Report - Long

Hi All,

I am the originator of the Branson Prices post a couple of months ago. Well we made our trip to Branson and have returned. Here is our Trip Report if anyone is interested.....

My niece was getting married in Kansas City on Saturday so we began our trip on Sunday.

Sunday - HaHa Tonka Mo State Park - This is a wonderful park with
really good easy walking trails, old castle, and a spring. We
really enjoyed this park

Lunch from Ice Box

Exotic Animal Paradise - Springfield, MO - Got tickets through
Radio voucher Web-site. We arrived around 1 pm, Drive through
is neat for about 30 minutes then is kind of like sitting in a
traffic jam. It was over 100 the day we went and even though
signs say "Pull over if you wish to Stop" nobody did it. A
couple of cars held up everyone, they feed every animal and
would not pull over. There are no places to pass and if you
tried people became upset. I finally found some gravel "service
roads" and got out using them, I don't think EAP wanted me to
but my car was getting hot and I had to get out. It was Ok
if you have lots of time or it is not crowded, and remember use
the service roads.
COST = $22.00 (4 people Radio Voucher)

Motel - On Shep of the Hills Parkway - We got a 3 night deal with
2 show tickets, coupon book and 2 GC buffets for $179.00. (with
a 90 minute tour of Time Share). When we arrived they had our
tour sheduled for noon monday instead of 9 am like they told me.
When I told her I was no longer intrested if the tour was at
noon the lady at the motel worked very hard to get us changed
to another type of program for Monday morning, thanks.
COST = $179.00

Supper at Taco Bell
Cost = $20.00

Acrobats of China - Used our 2 free tickets and purchased 2 more
for my teenagers. Good Show, good music, very nice people and
costumes didn't make the performers look naked like some
Cost = $30.00 (2 additional tickets to package listed above)

Monday - 90 Minute Presentation - Not bad, it was interesting and if I
traveled much I may have been interested in purchasing the
program, especially like cruises etc. Note, I would suggest
researching cost of travel at home on the internet before going
to one of these presentations, when I told them I wanted to
research cost own my on, they said I must sign up today.
Cost = $0

Jet Ski Rental - We also wanted to try Jet Skis and in a moment
of weakness I rented 2 for one hour. It cost way to much but I
figured it was a once in a livetime deal. We went to all 3
marinas before we found someone who had any. One ran great
and the other ran really bad, after the ride I told them they said,
"oh well the spark plug must have got wet" ....Didn't offer any
money back, a free ride nothing. Wind was really to high and the
one that didn't run correctly kind of but a damper in the fun, but
we still enjoyed it.
Cost = $140.00

Lunch at Wendys
Cost $24.00

Celebration City - We showed up at opening time of 3 pm,
enjoyed the park and my teenagers enjoyed the ride. The one
show they have is really good, (magic, juggler etc.) The wildcat is
a good coaster, this park feels good for the less than 30 crowd.
Didn't stay for there big nightly show, much to loud and to
crowded for us.
Cost = $340.00 (this cost is the package tickets with SDC and

Supper out of Ice Box

Tuesday - Silver Dollar City - As always a wonderful park, a little crowded
but not bad for the middle of summer. Good shows, Good rides,
better than Disney!. I was very pleased with Power Keg,
this is a much better coaster than I thought it would be......
Cost = Included Above

Lunch at SDC - Chicken Strips, Fries and Potato something.
Cost = $50.00

IMAX - Went to see an Imax film, the cost of the regular films is
way more than at home and they charge extra for tax. We
had a buy one get one at half price.
Cost = $35.00

Supper Ice Box

Wednesday - Branson Bell - As with everything they do the BB is first
class, theme outfits, very nice employees, and good food. The
show was done very well but was a Broadway tribute, and we
don't care much for Broadway, anyone the magician was very
good and the food was good.
We had a nice time.
Cost = Included above

Putt Putt Golf - My teenagers didn't care for the BB
so I let the 16 year old have the keys and they went to play putt
putt golf. About 8 miles away but only 2 turns. They had a good
Cost = $20.00

Fish Hatchery - Neat to see
Cost = Free

Celebration City - Back to Celebration City for the boys to ride
the fireball and wildcat.
Cost = Included Above

Red Skelton Show - My wife really wanted to see this
show, it was priced a little high with teenagers but was very
funny. The interaction with the audience is very good.
Cost = $70.00

Supper at Wendys again
Cost $20.00

Motel = We added another night on to the motel.
Cost = $60.00

Thursday - Wings of the World at Talking Caverns - My wife loves birds, so
we drove over to West Branson to the Wings of the World. It
was OK but they DO NOT have a hand feeding area like their
brochure says they do. This upset my wife, I even called the day
before and they didn't mention that it wasn't open yet. When
I ask where it was they said it wasn't built yet, I should of ask
them why it was on there brochure but I didn't want to
ruin my wife's time The hand feeding is the reason my family
wanted to go. They have maybe hundred birds in cages and it
was Ok but kind of high cost for 30 minutes of looking at birds.
We did see one of the shows and the lady was very nice and the
show was informative. We also played Putt Putt at the course
at the caves. The people were nice, I am still upset about the
feeding cage....oh well.
Cost = $60.00

Golden Coral - Time to use are two free buffets and I had to buy
2 more.
Food was good, lots of choices no complaints.
Cost = $20.00

End of Branson Trip

Total Cost Listed $1090.00
Snacks, Cokes etc $ 200.00
Gas $ 280.00

Total Trip Cost $1570.00


Hotel had breakfast every morning so no extra cost for that. These prices are about what I remember I didn't actually take notes. The coupon book
was about useless, the coupons in the free papers seem almost as good.

We had a good time, I think you must remember you just can't do everything
in one trip......

Thanks, Ardan
End of Line
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Great review!

People w/ teens will appreciate what your boys
and other items they did not.

Glad you included items like gas and incidentals like snacks.
Teens eat a lot, even when you do the icebox
for several meals.

Thanks for sharing.
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Old 08-01-2005, 04:45 PM   #3
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Very informative review, sounds like a good trip!
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Thanks for your informative review. It was interesting to me what you said about not using a coupon book. I've never felt the need to buy one, always have used the free coupons you find all over town and radio station vouchers to get great value. But I had wondered if I was missing out by not buying the books.

I would agree with you about Missouri's Ha Ha Tonka State Park! I love it there!
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We stayed at the Quality Inn this time, it is right down the street from the Honeysuckle Inn. It is a basic no thrills hotel with an indoor pool, and a donut breakfast but was just fine for us.

The Motel/Show/Meal package was called a mini-vac (mini-vacation?) and I don't know if you can get it by calling the motel or not. Someone called us, I figure it saved us about 100 dollars overall, of course we had to spend 90 minutes listening to a presentation.....

End of Line
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Old 08-02-2005, 07:08 AM   #7
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does CC only have one show? i think thats what you posted.... we havent been there yet, so im wondering...
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Old 08-02-2005, 07:16 AM   #8
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CC has only the one theater, they have a varity show (magic/singing etc) 2 times a day and the same guy does kind of a game show later at night.

Then at closing they have a big (loud) laser type show with video broadcasted on a rock wall. That is all the shows that CC has that I know of. SDC has lots and lots of shows....

End of Line
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Thanks for posting about your visit ardan!
Please visit Bransonmom.com!
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Ejoyed your review, Ardan, very informative!!
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Enjoyed the post alot!! I really enjoy reading detailed reviews like yours, they give me alot of ideas of things to do (or not to do) on my next vacation.
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Old 08-06-2005, 05:07 PM   #12
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Great review! It helps so much to get feedback on these places. I had considered the bird park, and you've saved me some time. Where is HaHa Tonka State Park? I think you probably are coming from the St Louis side of the state, but in case it's not too far out of my way coming from the KC side, fill me in! Thanks...
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Ha Ha Tonka is near Camdenton, MO. From St. Louis, if I remember correctly, one would exit off I-44 at Lebanon.

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Old 08-07-2005, 11:38 AM   #14
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Ha Ha Tonka

Ha Ha Tonka is near Osage Beach. We passed there back in the spring, sorry now we didnt stop.
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Ha Ha Tonka State Park
1491 State Road D
Camdenton, MO 65020
(573) 346-2986
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