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Branson Addict
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Angry Gasoline Prices

Am I the only one who thinks that the current squeeze on oil and gas prices is just another example of the oil companies using fear tactics to drive up the price and squeeze out every last penny they can from the general public. Every excuse the oil market gives for prices going up is so unrealistic with falsehoods and examples of companies failing to take measures to keep prices somewhat under control. We have heard the same old excuse about limited refining capacity for the last 15 years. BUILD MORE REFINERIES! We keep hearing this over and over, but we never hear of the government or businesses doing anything to alleviate the problem. Increase in domestic and foreign demand. I know a number of people who have traveled to those countries that the oil companies have used as excuses to drive up prices due to so called increased usage. They have been to China, India, Southeast Asia, and Russia. They say that although there are a number of people who are driving personal vehicles, there doesn't seem to be a severe increase in the numbers of vehicles as compared to ten or fifteen years ago. And a couple of friends have been traveling to this part of the world now for a good part of that time period. And I cannot see a large difference in overall increase of consumption here domestically. Not to the extent of prices jumping as they have over the past few weeks.

I personally think that the oil companies are using fear tactics to drive up the oil markets. As soon as we seem to be getting close to critical mass the oil companies always come up with the ability to produce more or refine more so as to ease the prices for a period of time. Once that allows people to get their breath then they hit us again with a new reason for prices to surge once again. Being a history teacher this reminds me of the Robber Baron days of business during the late 1800's. I bet John D. Rockefeller is smiling in his grave. PRICE GOUGING! PRICE GOUGING! PRICE GOUGING!

Well thank you for allowing me to blow off steam today. I've got to go fill up my tank with inflated priced unleaded gasoline. SEE YA Branson Addict
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