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Branson Storm Damage Pics


Thousand Hills wind damage pics from KY3, lot of trees down it looks like.
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Thanks for the info Okie.

Those micro-bursts can be rough. We had one come through the area I live in in the KC area that did a lot of damage in a very short period of time without much warning.

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read one story called it "possible tornado" but every other story says micro downburst.
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The wind two weeks ago and last Thursday night was hard on docks. I knew both of those happened, but did not know anything happened yesterday, and I was out and about. It was hot and sticky, but not windy.

I see the timeline for that story is 9:06 PM, but those are not 9:06 PM pictures.

There were some pop-up storms in the evening that did not last very long.
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The microburst happened last Tuesday right about 5:10 PM. I was with a large group that had just gotten out of the Legends show, and some of us were standing just outside the doors on that concrete “porch” when we heard the crash and pops in the near distance. It wasn’t raining, nor windy, where we were, and we didn’t realize what had happened until a short time later. The damage seem to be centered in the area along Green Mountain Road. I saw lots of tree branches, mostly small ones, and leaves covering almost every inch of the streets in one of the condo complexes there. Someone posted a video that I saw of the hail coming down on her car parked right outside of Cherry Berry. When I got back to Carriage Place on 165, a Grand Crown property, I could tell that they had had some rain, but didn’t seem to have anything else. It was very spotty.
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