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Food review with pictures!

Just a disclaimer, these are only my opinions. They are not meant to offend or discredit anyone. I will post my review, then post the pics of the food from that particular place.

Poor quality, will not return
Food on par with McDonalds, will not return.
Ok if we're hard pressed and need something to sustain us.
Good food, good service.
Excellent food, excellent service, highly recommended.

Billy Bob’s Dairyland
I had high expectations for this place because of all of the positive reviews on the boards, and I must say I was NOT disappointed! The burger I had at Billy Bob’s was probably the best one I have EVER had. The burger was hot, fresh, and cooked exactly right. The meat was plump and flavorful, unlike other places where the meat is one of those frozen hockey pucks. The lettuce was crisp. The fries were golden and crispy, not greasy at all. I would highly, highly recommend Billy Bob’s. It’s already on our list of places to eat when we return to Branson in July. I gotta try the foot long coneys!

We give Billy Bob's

On the night we ate here, we were supposed to eat at Texas Land and Cattle. But it was pouring rain that day, and we finished up at Branson Landing way before dinner time. So we ended up leaving and doing other things, figuring we’ll try a restaurant on the strip. We saw in a coupon book that this place was voted best restaurant in Branson, so we headed over there. Let me start off by saying that our waitress gets a 5 out of 5. She was so sweet and friendly. However, the food was awful. The mashed potatoes were dry. The gravy was ok. The macaroni salad was gross. It was really creamy and sweet, but not in a good way. The fried chicken was good. The hushpuppies were burned nearly to a crisp. The potatoes with onions and bacon were probably my favorite thing on the buffet, and even those weren’t spectacular. The rolls were burned, dry and tough. The salad bar was ok. It was your basic salad mix. The croutons tasted like shake and bake to me, and again not in a good way. The pasta salad wasn’t good at all It was really tangy and very oniony. My husband said the catfish tasted like it was straight out of Table Rock lake. He took one bite and left the rest on the plate. The white pasta salad with peas was ok. I’m not really sure what was in it, though. Some kind of pink something. The baked potato bar was ok. It had your basic cheese, chives, sour cream, that kind of thing. The potatoes were nice and tender. We did not have dessert here, but they had a couple different cobblers and ice cream. We won’t return here nor recommend it to anyone.

We give Plantation a My husband asked if he could give it negative stars.

We ended up going here twice. The first time my husband had a brownie sundae. He said it was very good. The ice cream was your basic Blue Bunny vanilla, the brownie was very good. He said the sundae was much better than Braum’s. I had a slice of plain cheesecake. It was very good. It was just a tiny bit stale, but still very good. On our second visit, my husband had a funnel cake and it was delicious! Golden, crispy and just the right amount of “greasy”. I had the apple cobbler alamode, which was very, very good. The atmosphere at this place is wonderful. The jukeboxes at each table add to the fun. The girls working there were wearing poodle skirts, which I thought was adorable. We will definitely return.

We give Cakes-n-Creams a

Grand Country Buffet (Breakfast)
We LOVED this place. The food was great. Everything was hot and fresh. The service was fantastic. The whole time we were selecting our food, there were employees straightening things, cleaning the counters, etc. Leon the singing omelet maker was a hoot. He just seemed so happy to be there. The biscuits were tender and very, very good. The gravy had a buttery flavor that was just delicious. I think I would make the 3.5 drive to Branson just to eat the hash brown casserole. It was full of potatoes, sausage, and lots of cheese. It was divine. The omelet bar was excellent. The apple strudels were really good too. The fried potatoes were also really good. The only thing I didn’t really like was the banana nut muffin. It was kinda dry and lacked flavor. I guess my only complaint would be that there isn’t a whole lot of variety, but what is there is very good. And the service is excellent. Everyone was friendly. The place was sparkling clean. While we were there a lady came around handing out free tickets to the Buck Trent morning show. We couldn’t fit it into our itinerary, though. But we would recommend Grand Country to everyone, and we will definitely return this summer.

We give Grand Country buffet a

Gilley’s Texas Café
Next to Plantation, this was the worst meal of our trip, for a couple of reasons. First, the food was mediocre at best. And second, we had such fond memories of this place. We ate there while celebrating our 2nd anniversary in April 2001, and we loved it. So we chose this place to eat at on the evening of our 10th anniversary, solely because it had special meaning for us. And we were shocked at how bad it was. For an appetizer, we had the chips and queso. The chips were good. Light and crispy. The queso was bland and the salsa was just ok. I ordered the crispy chicken wrap, and it was very bland. Nothing spectacular. I prefer the one at Rib Crib, and that pains me to say that because Rib Crib is a big chain. The fries were just fries, nothing great. My hubby had the BBQ sandwich and again, very bland. Nothing to write home about. The bbq looked like it had been scooped out with an ice cream scoop, cafeteria style. That is what the whole meal reminded us of—cafeteria food. We were really looking forward to the fried cheesecake for dessert, which was one of the things that stood out for us from our last trip to Gilley’s. But everything was so bad that we didn’t want to order it. So we did not have dessert here. (We went back to Cakes-n-Cream.) Our waitress was friendly. But we would not recommend this place and we will not return.

We give Gilley's a

Starvin Marvin’s
We stopped here for breakfast on our way to SDC. It was pretty good, but not as good as Grand Country. It didn’t feel as “clean” as Grand Country. It wasn’t dirty; it just didn’t have that super clean feeling like Grand Country. The variety isn’t large—they have your basic breakfast fare. The gravy was bland and a bit watery. The sausage was good. The syrup was runny, and I like mine thicker. The pancakes were dry and burned. The biscuits were a little too brown. But overall, it’s a good choice if you want something quick and fairly inexpensive. The buffet was $5.99 But in the future, I think I will stick with Grand Country. And from now on, we will have breakfast at the bakery at SDC, and snack on all the beautiful, unhealthy things they offer there! Not awful, not great! (I forgot my camera when we went here, so no pics!

We give Starvin' Marvin's a

This is another place I went into with high expectations. I knew going in what I was going to order—the nachos. And they were really good. I wish I could say they were great, but I can’t. Here is why: I’m from OK, and around here, we like our brisket with a nice smoky flavor. And the meat on the nachos did not taste like smoked brisket at all. It tasted like roast beef. And maybe that is what it is supposed to be? I just assumed that it was smoked brisket on the nachos. And I would have liked a tad more BBQ sauce. But, again, they were VERY good, just different from what I was expecting. My husband had the BBQ sandwich. He had the same opinion as me. It needed a more “smoky” flavor. He said the sauce was ok—just your basic BBQ sauce. Not awful, not outstanding. The fries were fries. Also, I didn’t know this was a fast-food/fast casual type of place, but it is. You order at the front and they bring it to your table. Overall, it was good. We would probably return here.

We give Danna's a

Again, I went in here with high expectations. We really liked this place. We had fried pickles for an appetizer. They were delicious. We could tell they were fresh made, because they didn’t have that crumbly pre-made batter on them. I really wanted to try a stuffed burger, but we had eaten so much the past few days, it just sounded too heavy. My hubby and I both ordered the western burger, which had cheddar cheese, an onion ring and BBQ sauce. It was so good! And huge!! The fries were really good too. We would definitely recommend this place, and will definitely return this summer. I have to try the Reuben I’ve heard so much about!

We give Chester's a

Silver Dollar City bakery
We had a hard time choosing what to get from here. We bought some stuff on Saturday to have for breakfast on Sunday. My husband had a huge cinnamon roll. He said it was delicious. I had a sticky bun that was wonderful. I also had an éclair for dessert on Saturday. I’m not a huge éclair fan, but it was really good and so big I couldn’t even finish it. I would highly recommend getting some goodies from the bakery. They were all so good! (Sorry, no pic of the cinnamon roll!)

We give the SDC bakery a

Also getting honorable mentions, (no photos, sorry!) are the fudge from the Ozarkland souvenir shop that was delish, a chocolate dipped rice krispy treat from a candy shop at SDC, spoon fudge from Stone Hill winery, candy from the candy store at Northwoods Candy Emporium at Branson Landing, and all of the delicious baked goodies left for us by Linda at our B&B, Aunt Sadie’s. This was all fantastic.

A pic I found of our delicious goodies from Aunt Sadie's:

I hope you all enjoyed my reviews and pictures, and I hope this helped someone.
Me, 40
Hubby, 40
The Boy, 16
The Princess, 11
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What a great review You ought to do this for a living.

Interesting about Plantation saying it won the best award

Your experience was typical of many. Sure would like to know the background of that award..

"Never Argue With a Fool, Onlookers May Not Be Able to Tell the Difference."
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Thank you so much for your excellent reviews and photos!!!!!!
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Go Chiefs !!!
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good review !!!
those fried pickles made me hungry
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Originally Posted by DalmationDad View Post
What a great review You ought to do this for a living.

Interesting about Plantation saying it won the best award

Your experience was typical of many. Sure would like to know the background of that award..
Yes, wonderful review! Thanks!

DD ~ 2 page ad in the Sunny Day Guide says Plantation "voted Branson's #1 restaurant"
also ~ "voted best breakfast 3 years in a row"
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Thanks for taking the time for taking pics and thanks for the reviews!!
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okay - - i'm officially hungry now,,, mmmmmmmmmmm
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Thanks for the reviews...Can I steal your reviewing style next time I leave reviews for places we eat in Branson????
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Great review and pictures! Makes me want to try some of these places that we have never eaten.

"Don't forget the little moments, their the ones that mean the most"
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awesome review.... thanx for taking the time to do it!
Most advertising for the Plantation i have seen use that quote about being voted Bransons #1, there are some threads and posts on this forum that would beg to differ....

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Originally Posted by DalmationDad View Post
What a great review You ought to do this for a living.

Interesting about Plantation saying it won the best award

Your experience was typical of many. Sure would like to know the background of that award..
I can remember when we actually thought that the food at the Plantation restaurant was good! Must have been 20+ years ago, 'cause our girls were 'youngsters and still accompanying us on trips to Branson', and Boxcar Willie would always give the Plantation a 'plug' during his show!

Enjoyed your reviews and you method of rating the different places!
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Great review and the pictures are making me hungry and wishing I was in Branson.
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Thank you for making me miss Branson food & making my stomach growl

Great review!!!

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What a wonderful review! It will surely be helpful to others that will be visiting Branson!

We'd get along well at meal time....my opinions of the restaurants you reviewed are spot on with yours!
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Oh my gosh! We have eaten at most all these places, and I agree with you! We must be alike and from Ok. We ate at Plantation once, and then I had to go "re-feed" my whole family afterwards. The food is awful and we just wasted it and our money. We spent $40.00 there and then had to go pay more money to get us food that we would eat!! I just don't see how it stays in business with so many good places to eat in Branson!!!!

Love your reviews and pictures. I love the bakery at SDC too. So good. It has been a couple of years since we ate at Billy Bobs Dairyland, so we need to check it out again our next trip! We like Danna's BBQ too. Wow, can't wait to get to Branson!
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