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Old 01-25-2004, 01:23 PM   #1
Catch Cyclone Fever!
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Walk Down Memory Lane....

Well, Captain Kangaroo got me to thinking back to the good ol' days...what we some of the fads and favorites from your childhood days???

Yabba Dabba Doo..good ol' Fred Flintstone, Gilligans Island, Pettie Coat Junction, I Love Lucy, candy necklaces, CPO Jackets, decorating Valentine boxes for school, having Farrah Fawcett hairstyle, bellbottom pants, slumber parties, sharing a bottle Vess pop with friends..not even thinking they might have germs or cooties..lol...

Anybody else think back and remember the fads of yesterday?
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Old 01-25-2004, 04:54 PM   #2
Don D
"Smilin Don"
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How about Bobby Sox,Can Can's and Pony Tails.
Duck Tail Hair Cuts, Turned Up Collars, Elvis,Pat Boone and liking Country when Country wasn't cool. Drive in movies were the thing.
The Drug of Choice was a cold can of Falstaf,Schlitz or Busch.

The Good Old Day's.

Don D..
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Old 01-25-2004, 05:09 PM   #3
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The Mickey Mouse Club, Where the Action Is, Paul Revere & the Raiders with Mark Lindsey, The Monkees, the Beach Movies with Frankie and Annette.

When you rushed home in the afternoon to have a cold Coca Cola or Pepsi with friends after school. Or the big thing when you got your driver's license was to go to the local drive-in restaurant to cruise with your buddies.

Oh yea -- when gas was less than $.25. Now that is a wonderful memory. Everyone pitching pennies in the ashtray to replace the gas you burned when you borrowed the car.
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Old 01-25-2004, 05:14 PM   #4
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My childhood memories are of Jack Benny, Red Skeleton, Captain Midnight and The Shadow. In case you don't make a connection, these were radio programs. We played sports all summer long, WITHOUT being organized. We had to WALK, no matter what the weather. We would run behind a mosquito fogger, not aware that it contained D.D,T, Anyone that had a basketball hoop sure had a lot friends. We fished most any place, without fear of being chased off their land. I was very shy, not realizing that many years later I would be on a message board with many females. I remeber the end of WW2, at that time not thinking I would be in the Korean War. Many of my friend at that time, both younger and older, are now dead. As I look back, the world has changed, and I guess I have too.
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Old 01-25-2004, 06:04 PM   #5
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How about American Bandstand, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers,
Fabian, etc. Twiggy, mini skirts, plastic pop it beads, white canvas tennis shoes, class rings with string and nail polish to make them fit-anyone remember passion pits!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 01-25-2004, 08:03 PM   #6
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Handkerchief hem shirts and dresses(scary cause one of the costumes in the 70's show here in town is just like my dress I had except different color), a pop called Teem, white go-go boots, mini-skirts, shag haircuts, neckerchiefs, platform shoes, Laugh-in, show called Grand Palace, Jackie Gleason show, Red Skelton show, perms, guy's shirts open to their navel with tons of chains around their necks, Chatty Cathy dolls, Tiny Tears dolls, Barbie, DeFranco Family, Disco, Donna Summer, American Bandstand, Soul Train, The Bump, The Hustle, Village People, pop rocks, pet rocks, Ice cream Trucks, milkman deliveries and outdoor theaters, freshman dating a senior(that was me!!), The Monkees(loved Davy Jones), remember Paul Revere and the Raiders as well, Partidge Family, Brady Bunch, Batman and Robin, Superman, Spiderman, The Banana Splits show, Scooby Doo, Popeye, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, the show Medical Center(dreamy Chad Everett, LOLOLOL), CHIPS, Tony Orlando and Dawn Show, Carol Burnett Show(love watching the reruns lately), Sonny and Cher Show, Cher show, Donny and Marie.
Old 01-25-2004, 10:52 PM   #7
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Well.....I could write a volume...after all, I've lived forever.....:)

Well....I was a kiddo up in No Minnesota....
We had running water and electricity all the time. Steam heat radiators in town, and wood/coal/fuel oil stoves in the country. And most everyone had a fire place.

When I was 8 my Grandmother remodeled her kitchen...she got the most famous and popular Youngstown Cabinets, and the wood stove was taken to the basement....and a HotPoint push button electric was put in its place. The hard wood floors with lineolum were covered up with congoleum with curved up things at the base board.

WE had no TV, not til I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Oakland California in 51....I got to see their TV.

Not til I had moved to California....and had lived there awhile.......and was 16 years old....did I ever taste Pizza.....the first Pizza Parlor in the SF East Bay....Freddies in Lafayette.

I learned to drive in 56.....dont remember much, except the shifter was on the column, and the clutch was on the left hand side...on the floor....the dimmer switch was a button on the floor. If you were not rich, your car came plain.......no radio no heater NUTTIN.

I still have my bike......a 1950 powder blue Monarch...cost 50 bucks. It is hanging with its original white wall tires on the barn wall.

My Grandmother cooked every meal everyday all year long. But my Mother didnt. My folks were young and liked eating out...we often went to the Diner, where those greasy spoon burgers were so goodddddd...yum. And then a place called MaidRite......where I was in love with the crumbly burgers, and the Milk Shakes.

We went to the Movies every week.....I lived close to uptown, so on Monday night when my Mother bowled, my Dad and I went to the movies. Then on Thursday night when my Dad bowled, my Mom and I went to the movies.

On Friday night, I got on the bus, for 5 cents, and rode 2 miles out to the burbs.....to stay with my Grandparents.

We didnt have a steam iron...we had a sprinkle bottle...but after my Mom got a steam iron..she still sprinkled the shirts and pillow cases.

We didnt have girls sports after school, but I went to Brownies, and then to the Girl Scouts. And I walked, even when it was 20 below.

When we moved to California, in 1953......everything there was pretty much OVERLY MODERN.....and everyone ate outside, cause there were no bugs.....everyone had patio's and colored tin glasses for tea and high balls.

I remember one real ice box.....but, I dont think it was cold.....lol....my Grandmother used it for something else......cause she had a huge new electric fridge, with a teeny freezer that held two ice trays.

Our deep freeze was either the front porch or the box outside the kitchen window....hanging on the side of the house.........just open the window...and lift the lid..and voila....there was your hardddddddd meat.

In the summer.....we ate fresh food each day....usually fish, as my Grandfather fished everyday after work......and we had lots of cold cuts, and meat that had been canned......like whole chickens in big jars, etc etc.....corned beef canned at home.....and salted herring.

We ate Fish every Friday......

My grandmother baked bread and desserts every Wednesday........so it get sliced white bread from the store was the best treat ever......and having a sandwich was extra special.......homemade bread didnt make good sandwiches.......just open face ones.

We ate lettuce in wedges, and not in tossed salads.

We didnt have showers, we had big bath tubs on legs....so big I could float in ours.

I went skating every minute in the winter, when I had a chance.....usually staying so long I had white spots on my face and on my legs.....onset of frostbite?

Times were slow and easy.......no one was stressed or upset.......things just went the same all the time..and everyone just went with the flow.

During the War......I recall the adults sitting on a diningroom chair with their ear flat against the speakers on the big Philco radio in the livingroom..

During the Korean war, I lived in California...we ducked and covered three times a day.....in school.

Geese I could go on forever......but I have lived forever...

Regarding fads?
I dont know if we had fads......how about bells sewed onto your 5 million petticoats, that made your circle skirts stand out so far, you couldnt sit in the front seat of the car and see out the window? At least you jingled......

One winter, my Father was so disgusted with me......we all wore Dog Collars on our ankle......over our bobby sox.

And does anyone remember the long chiffon scarves, that we tied around our hair, with the knot behind our ear, and the ends of the scarf draping over our shoulders.

OR CINCH BELTS?.....the stretchy belt worn over our Poodle Skirts.....as we did tuck in our sweaters......

Or white buck shoes......that poofed our shoe print on the carpet as we walked around the house?......my Mother used to follow me around with the carpet sweeper........lol.

I remember the white angora or pearl studded collars that we added to our sweaters........I still have them.......ekkkkkk.

We always had only one car......the first two car family was ME and my kids.

We always wore dresses or skirts to church........

We sat to the table to eat with our families......and father was served first, we didnt talk and jabber unless we were addressed.....it was just good manners. WE asked to be excused from the table, when we were finished. N o one grabbed anything, or reached for anything, we asked to PASS IT PLEASE....and we ALWAYS SAID GRACE......

And MAKEUP.....well that was out of the question until you went to the 10th grade, other than that PINKISH NATURAL LIP BALM.....no ifs ands or buts about it.

And pierced ears?.........heheheheeeeeeeee.....I got mine when I was about 28, after too many martinis, on the back of the commode, with a darning needle and a spool..........that was the first hole and a half..........the gal doing the piercing had had one too many martini's too............ekkkkkkkkkkkk. The rest of the holes in my ears were done professionally....many years later.....

Like I said.....this could get to be a VOLUME........<stop>!!
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Old 01-26-2004, 06:58 AM   #8
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Cheesecake--I also remember wearing the dog collars around the ankle--complete with a little lock on it! Poodle skirts, wide stretch belts (can't remember what they were called) that they wear in the 50's shows, 25 cents to spend all Sat. in the movie theater, pep clubs with matching (as closely as possible) outfits in school colors, sending off for a baton & haunting the post office till it came. our own shoe skates (roller) and skating 3 times a week, not being afraid to walk around town after dark. My kids find it hard to believe I went to the same school all 12 years!
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Old 01-26-2004, 07:37 AM   #9
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Engel.....I think in NO. Minn and in NO. Cal......they called those belts with the HOOK and EYE metal closure, at the ends of WIDE elastic....CINCH BELTS.

I loved to skate....but I never was good in a roller rink....in shoe skates.....I had clamp on roller skates for summertime/sidewalks......with a KEY.........I was an ice skater........and geese I was so good...I got the Fancy White skates with the little saw teeth on the front tip of the blade........when I was about 8...before that I had black hockey skates. My Finnish family, even the girls.....were hockey players........I had a puck and a stick and my black skates when I was 4.............but, I wanted to be like Sonja Heinie in the movies....in little short skirts and fur trimmed muffs.....and twirl and make figure 8's......... And, I got pretty good at it........even took lessons. But, if someone hadnt come looking for me, on the outdoor rinks.......I would have stayed til I froze to death.

I remember my first time at the Eveleth Hypadrome(sp)........I had lots of Uncles that lived there...it was two miles from my home....but then I thot that was about a million miles........ My cousin who was a really good Hockey Player in high school...took me to the indoor rink and taught me to skate on slow ice......I liked the outdoor rink better. But, my cousin was so cute....and he went on to make a name for himself in Endina Minn...as the winningest high school hockey coach ever. He just retired about 8 years ago...thereabouts. He also was an Olympic Goalee......guarded the goal.....whatever it is called these days.

I too, love baton........nearly died once from tossing it into the air....and it landed on the back of my neck/shoulders....while I was twisted into a pretzel trying to catch it...........my daughter followed in my footsteps.......she was GOOD THO.......she was head majorette for the Salem MO High School......she led the Band like a trooper......however by the time she was in high school, the costumes were so scanty, it was embarrassing....roflol...and they near froze at the football games shaking their booties.

Do you remember swiping Dad's white shirts to go to the football games, and work the CARDS?........

I went to school in Minnesota til the 7th grade was over..THEN WE MOVED....SO TRAUMATIC........I went half of 8th grade in San Leandro Cal....then Berkeley Cal through the 9th grade....and finished in Concord Cal..............as a RED DEVIL, at Mt Diablo High......what a switch.......I wanted really to be a Virginia Blue Devil.......and play hockey........funny how Father's can change our destiny.......hehehe.

Do you remember those angora hats that tied under our chins.....fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy......they were popular about the time I was in 6th and 7th grade..............hehehe

If it was popular I had it.......only kid, spoiled to death......hada hada hada HAVE IT.....ekkkkkkkkkkkkk. And I havent changed one darn bit.........or so my Mother tells me......hehehehhehehe.
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Old 01-26-2004, 07:37 AM   #10
Catch Cyclone Fever!
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Oh, gosh I had forgot about the DeFranco Family...remember the Bay City Rollers? Tiger Beat Magazine and actual sock hops, letter jackets, wearing my boyfriends class ring with a wad of yarn around it, remember my brother had rock'em sock'em robots and the electric football game, at fourteen I felt liberated and a group of five of us girls went and got our ears pierced and then to the post office to apply for our social security cards...boy our parents hit the roof..not so much about the ears..more about how could we take it upon our selves to apply for the social security cards...lol...Remember sleigh ride partys and hay ride partys....Remember begging for a pair of Kareem Abdul Jabar(sp) tennis shoes in red...lol...Remember when school got out in early May and started after Labor Day. Going door to door for savenger hunts during slumber parties. Aw, the good ol' days.
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