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My Branson Review

This was one of the best vacations ever. We flew out of Burbank, California to Kansas City with a short layover in Dallas, the biggest problem on the trip was that our flight from Burbank was delayed for over an hour and our layover was 45 minutes, we made up some time in the air, but we missed our Kansas City flight, they put us on the next flight to Kansas City and we had less that an hour layover, so it really wasnít a problem.

We spent one night in Kansas City and then left for Branson the next morning. On the way down, we stopped at Fantastic Caverns (we enjoyed the tour), and at the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield (wow!!!). When we finally got to Branson, it was time for dinner so we stopped at Charlieís for all you can eat ribs, they gave us so much food the first trip, that even my husband didnít ask for more. The ribs were very good and the sweet potato, with cinnamon butter, was out of this world.

After dinner, we headed out to Emerald Bay at Table Rock Lake to find our condo, our directions were from Highway 65, but my husband turned too soon and we ended up on Highway 165, we decided to try to find Emerald Bay without going back to Highway 65, and ended up going west on Highway 265 instead of east, we figured out after about 5 miles that we should probably turn around and go back the other way and we didnít have any other problems. I have a pretty good sense of direction once I get my bearings, however, my husband and friend never did figure out how to get from the condo to Branson, I tried letting them figure it out once and we took about three wrong turns. I decided I couldnít let either of them go anywhere without me or they would never find there way back. The condo we rented was so nice, it was decorated beautifully and we felt very comfortable there, it was much more comfortable than a hotel.

On our first full day in Branson, we decided to head for a visitor center to check out which shows we wanted to see, I had seen someone mention timeshares on this board, however, I didnít realized every visitor center was going to give us a timeshare push. Iím afraid we let them talk us in to a time share presentation, the thing that irritated me the most is they tell you it will be a 90 minute presentation and then they keep you for two and a half hours, we said no to the timeshare. We decided our friend would go to a different presentation then us, so we ended up getting the Dixie Stampede, three tickets for $56, and three free tickets for Stuck in the 70ís.

Our first evening we went to the Dixie Stampede, we loved it. The show was great and the food was good, I could have had a large bowl of soup, extra biscuits and the apple turnover and been happy. The soup and biscuits were wonderful. We sat on the North side and lost.

Our second day we rode the Ducks, I had done this before in Seattle, so I had something to compare it with. When I could hear the driver, I enjoyed what he had to say, I donít know if it was the seats we were in, or the PA system, but when we were out on the highway I couldnít hear a thing. The initial drive into the lake was fun, when we were in Seattle the driver had to drive really slow into Lake Union because of all the full-time residents there making complaints about the Ducks. We were a little disappointed at how little time we spent on the water, it was fun to see the driver let the young kids drive the duck.

After we rode the Ducks, we went to see Stuck in the 70ís, we really enjoyed this show, I graduated from high school in 1972, so this was definitely a blast from the past. That night we went to Lone Star for dinner and had an excellent dinner, we started with the onion blossom, my friend ordered the two lobster tails and I ordered prime rib and then we shared, we also ordered the sweet potato with butter and cinnamon sugar (yum), there is only one place that I know of in Bakersfield that serves sweet potatoes, I thinks that just about everyone in Branson serves them.

Our third day we drove to Eureka Springs, what a fun town. We had a very good breakfast at a small little dinner and then we explored. We took the trolley up to the top of the hill and walked down because our friend has a bad back. Of course I found something I wanted at the top of the hill but decided to look around before I made the purchase, I still wanted it by the time I got to the bottom so I went back for it while my husband and friend waited at the bottom. Iím in pretty good shape and I love to walk, so I actually enjoyed the walk up. We got back to the Branson area around 5:00, we though that we would head into Branson and have dinner and see if we could find a good show, but the traffic on 65 was all backed up for some reason and my husband didnít want to keep going, we stopped at a shopping center and ordered pizza and then went back to the condo for a quiet evening.

On our fourth day, our friend wasnít feeling well (I think it was the pizza and banana splits from the night before) so my husband and I went in to Branson on our own. The first thing we did was go to McFarlans. I had read about the rising table on this board, so I knew what to expect. I hadnít told my husband or friend about it, hoping that we might get seated at it (we didnít). I told my husband about it and I figured out which tables rose right away. We watched the tables rise and I couldnít believe how long it took the people at the tables to figure it out, it was a riot. The food was good, but I mostly enjoyed watching the tables rise. Next we went to see Pierce Arrow for their afternoon show, again this was a very good show and we absolutely loved the comedian, heís great. After the show we went back to the condo and picked up our friend, she was feeling much better.

We went to Applebeeís that night and there is a craft/antique mall right behind it that we decided to check out. We enjoyed the mall but ran out of time (we went back a couple of days later), we had tickets to Baldknobbers that night. Baldknobbers was a fun show, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our fifth day we went to the Duttons afternoon show, fantastic, this was by far my favorite show. I canít believe how talented this entire family is. I was really glad we saw the afternoon show so that we could enjoy the children. For dinner, we went to the seafood buffet, my husband enjoyed it, but it is really a waste of money for me, I would have been a lot better off to order off of the menu. I personally prefer just a lobster tail, forget having to crack your own. I wouldnít want to go there again, but my husband would. That evening we went to see Jim Stafford, this is the show my husband really wanted to see and we werenít disappointed. He puts on a great show and what talented children, I canít believe the way his son plays the piano and fiddle.

On our sixth and final full day there, we went to Silver Dollar City, it was a fun place, but we thought it was a little over priced. Of course we are from California and have so much to choose from in the way of amusement parks, we are probably a little spoiled, we can hop in the car and get to Disneyland or Knottís Berry Farm in a little over two hours and Six Flagís Magic Mountain is only an hour from us. That afternoon, we went to the Branson Belle (this is the one thing my friend really wanted to do), this again was a little over-priced. The food was okay, not great, and the show was pretty good, I really enjoyed the comedian/ventriloquist. The weather wasnít good, so we didnít spend much time outside, I would probably not do this again. That evening we went to the Hughes Brothers show, I really enjoyed this show. I had the opportunity to talk with their mother, she seemed like a very nice person. I only wish we could have made their morning show, but my friend slept late every day, she couldnít get used to the time we lost, besides the two hours we lost with the change in time zones, we also lost an hour to day light savings time.

We left the morning of our seventh day and went back to Kansas City, we spent some time in Independence and Liberty seeing some historical sights. We had dinner that night at the Hereford House, wonderful food, we ate way too much. We flew home the following day.

To sum it up, I loved Branson and would love to go again, it might be a few years, because we love to travel and we want to see as many places as we can. One of the things I really liked was that every show was clean wholesome fun, which is so rare these days. In order of my favorite shows, the Duttons are number one, followed closely by Jim Stafford (my husbandís favorite), next would probably be the Dixie Stampede, Hughes Brothers, Baldknobbers, Pierce Arrow, Stuck in the 70ís, and Branson Belle.

I mentioned in a posting before we left that my friend had lost her husband a little over a year ago. I really wanted to do something that she would enjoy. She was a little apprehensive before we left, however, she absolutely enjoyed the trip. It was well worth the trip just to see her having such a good time. This board was a big help in planning our trip, it was good to have an idea of things we wanted to do before we go there.
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Wow.....sounds like you had a great trip! I just returned from Branson last night, and after reading about all of the things you got to do, and trying to recuperate from my trip, I am just worn out!!

I am really happy that your first trip to Branson was a good one, it's one of my favorite places to visit. I'm glad that your friend and your hubby enjoyed it, too.

Thanks for the great review!!
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What a great review. Sounds like y'all had a really good time. I am glad. Branson is our favorite place to visit. Thanks for posting!
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Wow, that was jam packed...glad you had a great time.
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What a great review, of a great trip. I'm so glad you enjoyed Branson, and that your friend did too. We saw Stuck on the 70's last summer (I graduated the same year you did). I'm still in the planning stage for our schedule of shows for this summer. I love the planning part almost as much as I love the vacation. Thanks for the review.
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Thank you so much for posting your Review of your trip to Branson. I really enjoyed reading it.
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Sounds like it was a great trip!! Glad you gave us a review...I have the Branson bug so bad can't wait to get there!!
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Great report! Love all the details!
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Great review.......THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME...and it sounds like you had a wonderful time........I almost felt I was with you.......
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tll- thanks for the great review. It looks like you had an awesome time.
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Thank you for the Wonderful Review!! I am so glad that you all had a great time!!
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Sounds like a great trip. I'm going next month and I am so READY!!!!

This link should take you to the Rankin Brothers FB Fan Page.
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Sounds like you had an incredible time--you were obviously very busy! Thanks for your review! Glad you like the sweet potatoes--my husband and I always order them, too--it gets to be an addiction.
"I see great things in baseball, it's our game, the American game. It will raise us up and be a blessing to us." --Walt Whitman
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Thanks for posting about your visit! I'm so glad you all had a good time!!!
Please visit Bransonmom.com!
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What a good year! That's the year I graduated from high school too. I've seen Stuck in the 70's a few times. I can't wait to see it again next month. I've heard about those timeshares, they keep you longer than they should.

This link should take you to the Rankin Brothers FB Fan Page.
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