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Originally Posted by swinslow View Post
Can't have it both ways......expand the park's footprint and add more family friendly rides.... and keep the magic that has made it such a wonderful place.

It is one or the other. The SDC that many of us knew in the past has left the station years ago. Love it for what it was, is currently, and will be in the future.
Simple .... Pick a theme and stay with it! Otherwise change the name from 'Silver Dollar City' to something else. The footprint of the park CAN be expanded. ... and it doesn't have to necessarily be done with multi-million dollar mega-rides! Somethng simple does it. Just. look at what the "Grand-Exposition" area did for a children's area a few years ago.... Basically some re-vamped carnival rides added there. Add a gazebo or two, and some simple entertaiment (musical / variety) and there you go! The park is enlarged, crowds are spread out, lines are not as long and everybody gets to sample whatever their nitche'. My question is: why does it always have to be one or the other? You're right, I do love SDC for what it was ....but .... I'm not so sure about what it is going to be in the future. I have a feeling there a probably a lot of folks who feel the same way!
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Record attendance this season. They must be doing something right.
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I haven't been to SDC for a few years, but the Lost River was always a highlight. I hope it will be replaced with something similar.

----This thread is exactly the reason I think we need to split the "Branson Attractions" section and add one specifically for SDC. Mods, how about it???
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