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Branson show review: Rankin Brothers Classic Music Review

BRANSON, MO, May 14, 2013 – In a previous review of this show I said, “One does not just ‘see’ the Rankin Brothers Show they experience it and what a wonderful experience it is. From beginning to end it is a wonderful musical journey through the classic music hits and super stars of the 50s through the 90s. It will bring back memories to those who actually heard the music in real time and create new memories for a generation that was not even born when this timeless music was first performed.” Those words were true when I wrote them for the first time and, after seeing the show the
evening of May 10, all I can say is “Ditto!.”

Matt Rankin, right, and Mark Rankin performing their signature number "The Anchor Holds."

From their full cast opening number of Neil Diamond’s 1966 hit “Cherry, Cherry” to their finale, Chuck Berry’s 1958 rock and roll hit, “Johnny B. Goode” the Rankin Brothers Classic Music Revue is a non-stop musical entertainment extravaganza presented by some of the most talented, energetic and “audience personable” vocalists and instrumentalists in Branson. And it’s more than just talent; during the two plus hours that the show runs, as the cast performs over 50 numbers, it is obvious to the audience that they love not only doing what they do, but the music they are performing. It was interesting to watch the audience reaction as people who were not even born when many of these songs were popular seem to “catch” and share the excitement, fun and emotion of Mark, Matt and the rest of the cast. It makes for a very special, fun filled and entertaining experience.

Although, if you closed your eyes and just listened to many of the songs being performed you would swear that you were hearing the original artists, the show is not a “recreation” show like the “Legends of Concert.” It is more a “replication” of the classic songs “the way you remember hearing them.” As one who heard a number of these performers and groups “real-time” during the height of their careers, I can attest to the fact that it is that and much more. And it gets better because in a number of songs, quite a few as a matter of fact, that sound is enhanced by the “appearance” of the performer themselves such as, among others, “Sonny and Cher,” Mark Rankin and Lori Kelley; “Elvis,” Mark Rankin; “Buddy Holly,” Matt Rankin and many more which adds variety, excitement and, in some cases, a little comedy to an already excellent show

Matt Rankin during Buddy Holly medley.

The set, costuming and the use of full screen videos in the background and on the sides all add to the overall entertainment experience, but it is the musical performances that touch the heart and provide the wonderful memories and experience that is the Rankin Brothers show. The show’s stars, Matt and Mark Rankin are two of the most talented vocalists and guitar players in Branson both on their own and from a “replication” stand point. Whether it’s a duet performance of the inspirational “The Anchor Holds;” Matt’s performance of “Buddy Holly,” Mark’s tribute to “Elvis Presley” based on his “Aloha From Hawaii” concert or any of the dozens of other numbers they perform it is easy to see why they have won so many Branson awards and are so popular with their fans.

The casts two female vocalists, the very beautiful and talented Lori Kelly and Amy Cofer make up the “Rankinettes” who are not only the backup singers on the majority of the numbers, but perform solos throughout the show. They sing as beautifully as they are beautiful and their voices and infectious energy makes an already wonderful entertainment experience even more so. Add to that a live band composed of Cody Titus, Keys; Jim Murphy, Saxophone and Keys; Mitch Keirsey, Lead Guitar; Paul Stephans, Bass and Harmonica and Jeremy Castaldo, Drums and things just keep getting better.

Lori Kelly, right, Matt and Mark Rankin and Amy Cofer singing a beauttiful rendition of "

If I were to pick some of my favorite numbers from among the many in the show, I would have to start with the all cast presentation of the American folk classic, “Shenandoah” it was simply beautiful. On an individual basis Matt’s performance of “Peggy Sue” during his Buddy Holly Tribute brought back some wonderful memories and Marks performance of “My Way” during the “Elvis Presley Tribute” was wonderfully done. Lori Kelly did a great job with the Bette Midler song, “The Rose” as did Amy Cofer with the Chordettes 1958 hit “Lollipop.” The inspirational and emotional performance of the “The Anchor Holds” by Mark and Matt has become a signature number for the Rankin Brother’s and, once you have experienced their powerful and heartfelt performance of the song you will know why.

I can think of no better way to end a review on this show than by echoing the words of one person who saw the show recently and said, “Simply put, their show was great before, but even better this year. Way to go, Rankin Brothers and Rankinettes!” Yes indeed, “Way to Go,” what a great show.

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Nice review of the 2013 Rankin Brothers Show OleSeagull. It is spot on. Like so many people I’ve talked to about this show, I am also amazed at how this show continues year after year to come up with new material that causes the audience to not only be surprised but greatly impressed. I love watching the audience reactions as they poke the friends they’re with at the start of each new song and listen to their oohs and aahs as their jaws hang open. They have done this since they first arrived in Branson. Well, they are in their 6th season in Branson and each year they demonstrate that as good as the first year was, it only displayed a fraction of their talent. Each year brought new material that showed their versatility and they continued to dazzle their audience. When each song starts it sounds like you’re listening to the original recording but then you realize everything in the show is 100% live. Who knows how long they can continue to keep the show fresh with new material but there is a lot of music to cover over the last 60 years so they have a lot of material to select from. You can count on the Rankin Brothers, the Rankinettes, and their band, to deliver top quality renditions of your favorite music from your most memorable years.
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Great review and I agree 100% with the comments about The Rankin Brothers. We love their show and now after reading the review I can't wait to see their 2013 show!. We'll be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary in Branson and this is the show we've decided to see on our anniversary.
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TheOleSeagull.......I agree with you 100%.
This show is AWESOME!!! Every year they get better and better. I think this is the best yet!!

This link should take you to the Rankin Brothers FB Fan Page.
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Thanks Ole Seagull for not only a great review but some fantastic pictures. They bring the cast "upclose" and serve as a great introduction to one of the best shows in Branson.

This show just keeps getting better and better. Is definitely a


Branson Show Reviews by SHOW GAL

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Great review, and thanks for the pictures. The Rankins will be the show we see on our next Branson visit this year. We enjoyed it when we say it before, and even with one less rankinette I'm sure it is every bit as good.
Many of their numbers I would call more of a caricature than an impersonation. they are well done, and at times add a bit of humor.
The performances bring back a lot of memories of days gone, but not forgotten. the Rankin Brothers show is right up there with Haygoods, Clay Cooper, and SIX as my favorite Branson shows. I imagine that feeling is shared by many.
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Good review, But I got dizzy from all the font and size changes.


Good Times in Branson
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Great Review! Didn't there used to be 3 Rankinettes? I have seen the Rankin brothers several times and loved them each time. The back-up singers are some of the best in Branson.
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Yes, but one of them is pregnant (may have had the baby by now) and has said that she wants to be a 'stay at home' mom and will not be rejoining the show. (Betsy Butler is the one who is retiring ----- she is the daughter of one of the Lennon Sisters)
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Old 05-23-2013, 04:56 PM   #10
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Originally Posted by slbtrout52 View Post
Great Review! Didn't there used to be 3 Rankinettes? I have seen the Rankin brothers several times and loved them each time. The back-up singers are some of the best in Branson.
I agree about the Rankinettes. Those gals are great whether singing alone or backing up Matt and Mark. When they are singing backup, they are moving constantly, adding a lot to the already great show. Sometimes when you see backup singers, they look like they are bored with the show..... not at this show. The Rankinettes, the band, Mark and Matt, their dad who is the producer of the show and their mom who oversees everything in the show, all give 100 %.


Branson Show Reviews by SHOW GAL

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Thank you!

Thanks to all for the wonderful reviews and comments! We have over 40 new songs in the show this year. Thanks for coming to the show and taking the time to post about it! God Bless!
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Another great review for the Rankin Brothers on July 2, 2013

Originally Posted by KJN View Post
We saw The Rankin Brothers show this evening. What a great show it is! We really enjoyed it and the changes they've made for the 2013 season. Boy can those boys sing! Hubby really likes the way Matt plays the guitar. Mark and Matt go all out to make sure the crowd is being entertained. They are so nice and friendly and take time after the show to chat with anyone who wishes to stay. The two Rankinettes are beautiful and have beautiful voices and do a great job on their featured songs. Can you tell that this is one of our favorite shows?
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Thanks for the review. We will be seeing them in Broken Arrow soon, can't wait!!
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