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Old 03-16-2003, 12:10 AM   #1
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Hard Luck Diner

I think everyone was happy to be open again. Wow, we had one song right after another this evening.
Paps says he liked the strawberry shake even better the the blueberry that he had the last time we were there.
He had pot roast and said it was very delicious. Granddaughter had a hot dog (remember to print off the coupon at their website for a free kid's meal) I had chicken salad on a crossiant and it was very good. Our waiter was Corey James and when I told him about the board, he said tell everyone that on April 4th at the Majestic they will have Branson unrehearsed at 11 p.m. and for you all to come. I also noticed Sandra Dee(was suppose to sing at little Sarah's) and new to us was Michael Allen. One other young lady that was soooo good, but I didn't get her name, I did invite her to join us on the board. So if you do, let us know your name?
Funny when she was singing she put her arm around Paps and Granddaughter wasn't sure she like that to well. Although the internet site says they close at 6 this time of year, they were so busy and he said they would probably be open til 8 p.m.
Wow, traffice was bumper to bumper and we were afraid we would not get there in time to eat, so we were glad they were open later! We managed to hear 7 songs while we were eating and really enjoy them all.
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Can you elaborate a little more on what this Branson Unrehearsed event is? Thanks!
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I'm looking forward to eating at the Hard Luck Diner, when I visit Branson with my sisters, next month! As I've said before, two of them have never been to Branson! They left it to me, to plan the trip, and I'm planning to take them there!

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