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Question Is Shepherd of the Hills What it Used to Be?

Is this show what it used to be?

I first saw Shepherd of the Hills in 1982, and the stadium was packed ... as it was the 3-4 years after that. However, when we attended in 1998, it seemed there were only a couple-hundred people, and the cast didn't seem to compare with the cast in 1982 ... there wasn't a zip, the cast seem tired, the stadium didn't seem to have been kept up to the times.

We're now signed up to see it again in 2009, but is this show what it used to be?

Jackie Gleason used to say, "The past remembers better than it lived."

27 years ago it was awesome.
11 years ago it was okay.
9 years ago it was fair-to-partly-cloudy.

What will it be this year?

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Old 02-11-2009, 11:13 AM   #2
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We saw the show in it Anniversary year and thought it was better than the show we saw 10 years before.

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We have not been for a while--------
But since we moved to Branson---now we will have more time & will not be spread out so thin--as time was limited when we came down to Branson to visit------
We plan on taking in the show again-------
Each time we came down to visit we ended up running out of time to see the show again!!!!!!
BUT we will go to the show again this season!!!!!!
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Old 02-11-2009, 12:41 PM   #4
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I remember about 10-12 years ago, the show being awesome. I had seen numerous times before that as a child/teenager and it was always wonderful. The actors/actresses were very into the parts.

We seen about 4 years ago and it was good. in fact, the the man that played "Ollie" came and sat by us while he was waiting on his entrance back into the show & talked to us, saying he had been in the show for a loonngg time.

But we seen last year, and to me, it wasn't the best show yet. Not a large crowd, the actors/actresses kinda bored etc.... BUT, it was WONDERFUL in the eyes of a 3 year old It was her first time to see it and she LOVED it. Still talks about it. So, I bet we will be there time and time again for her sake. We can remember the 'good' times and she can enjoy all she knows.

It is a wonderful story for sure!

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To me, this is one of those type of shows that will always be best in your memory of the first time. I remember my first time to see it at a boy. That is a great memory.

I have seen it again several times, including once when we were two of the 15 people in the audience. It was still okay, just did not live up to my memory.

My wife and I have a pretty extensive background in theatre. The "overacting" drives my wife crazy. I can still enjoy it.
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