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PLEASE dont make this a negative bashing. Just curious if anyone has been out to Morningside lately? What are they up to? Not a fan or a non fan. Just curious.
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Well, I made my yearly summer pilgrimage out to Dogwood Canyon last weekend, ate at their restaurant, enjoyed both the inside ambiance, along with the spectacular views of the waterfall and "lake/river" that the restaurant straddles...on the way back, decided since it had been a LONG time, to drive through, and around in, Morningside.

It has changed since I had been there, maybe 3 or so years ago...they have nightly rental cottages, 1 or 2 bedroom, very cutely painted, in what they call the "Cozy Cottages" area...reminds me of a place I have visited in Florida, out by Old Town....

They also have an RV Park, very close to their "worship" center...looked very clean, maybe a dozen or so spaces...

They have a pretty cool looking group of condos that they market and sell as "end times" lodging...I did not go inside any to check them out, but they are new and look very nice from the outside.

There is a very large wooden house, kinda reminds me of a cross between 20's style Victorian design, and a more modern condo look, but it's big, kinda a "mansion-y" looking place...called" Lori's House", that is a shelter for young and alone pregnant girls. I think it's a pretty good idea...as there are some fathers and/or boyfriends who go "psycho" when they find out their daughter or girlfriend is pregnant.So for that reason, this could be a place to be safe, and have their baby...I do not know, nor did I ask, if they are compelled to attend the various worship services that are hosted on the property...but I kinda think that may be a requirement. This place is named after Jim Bakers current wife, Lori...I guess from what I have hear and read, it is a service they provide that is near and dear to her heart, due to her own personal experiences when young...

Then there is their restaurant, called the Fireside Cafe...I wanted to try their pizza, but, was still just too full from the bison burger, home fries, and strawberry CORNMEAL cake from DC...

Walked around the inside of the main place...painted bright and looks kinda cool with the upper level condos/living quarters that they also rent...

The "survival" food and supplies place is still there...seemed to be a little larger than last time i looked through it...a little more variety of items offered for sale...

All in all, was a fun drive/walk through...was quite a lot of new, expanded buildings, etc, from 3 or 4 years ago....

And no, I did not stay to view a taping...I have been there, done that...and while, even when they have an interesting guest on...JB's rambling and hesitating sentences can drive me crazy...plus, I don't see things exactly as he does...

Yes, I believe we COULD have a cataclysmic event, either man made (financial melt down due to the TRILLIONS of dollars of government unsecured debt and/or a small "dirty" event by some middle eastern religious lunatic... or nature made (New Madrid earthquake again, with many heretofore unknown faults and/or new rupturing of the local strata being triggered by such an occurance) or any number of other possible, although somewhat more unlikely happenings...and yes, I do think it is prudent to have preps ready to be used for any type of "emergency" such as the aforementioned items, or a much more common winter storm power outage, or spring time flooding...but I don't really see how living on JB's property, and hunkering down while the S(tuff)HTF until Jesus comes to save everybody who believes, is going to make me any more secure than being reasonably prepped and out and about among personal friends and family if thing should turn nasty. But, everyone to their own...
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