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Big D's - Third Time's Charm

Okay. So if you've been around here for long, you know that I am a self-admitted BBQ snob from Kansas City. For the first long 16-17 years I lived down here, I was frustrated about the lack of truly good BBQ in this area. Yes, there were some which were decent. But nothing near what I was used to in KC. Then Gettin' Basted opened, and I was in hog heaven. Literally.

A while later, Big D's showed up. First as a food truck at Bigfoot. Then at the Starlite Theatre. I tried it in both places. I had friends whose opinions I trust telling me how good it was. And both times, I was not only less than impressed, I was downright turned off the last time. And I swore it would be the last time. Unless, of course, I was going to eat with a group of people and that was the place they insisted on. But after my experiences there, I was hoping that day would never come.

Well, yesterday was a dear friend's birthday. A milestone. She decided on going out to eat before we went to see Sons of Britches. And yes, she decided on Big D's. While I was less than thrilled with the choice, I went along, obviously not expecting much to have changed. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

After perusing the menu board, and knowing I would steer clear of the ribs, as they had literally sucked the moisture out of my mouth the last time I had tried them, I decided on my favorite...burnt ends. My sides of choice were a cucumber-onion salad and beans. As I sat down, I held my breath. My friends' rib plate showed up first. I was honestly impressed with how good those ribs looked. Meaty and moist, totally unlike what I'd had at their old location. When my burnt ends showed up - to be clear, I did order after they had ordered, and it's not a sit down and they'll come take your order place - I was impressed with the fact they looked moist and delicious. I tentatively reached with my fork and knife to cut in to the generously sized burnt ends. I was impressed with how easily the knife slid into the meat. And when I took that first bite, the juicy tenderness of that burnt end combined with the sweet and slightly spicy sauce won me over! The smoky goodness of those beans and the tart brine on the cucumber-onion salad only served to complete the experience. Yup. I can say that I was definitely impressed with Big D's last night. Enough so that I know I will be back there. My only complaint was that I could definitely do with a lot less sauce on those burnt ends. I'd love to taste more of the meat and less of the sauce. But other than that, I would give them two !!

Oh, and the service was quite good too!
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LOL, as you know, i’ve always kind of liked Big D’s. BBQ is not my first choice of cuisine type, but I’ve never had a bad experience there. Since I am in Branson this week, I have happened to drive past their “new” location twice and thought that maybe I should take an opportunity to eat there while I’m in town. Your review just might be what I need to make the decision! I’m glad that you had a great experience.

I’m going to the 3:30 PM Samson show today; so a barbecue dinner afterwards might just be what the doctor ordered!
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""""Enough so that I know I will be back there. My only complaint was that I could definitely do with a lot less sauce on those burnt ends. I'd love to taste more of the meat and less of the sauce.""""

I am a firm believer to order my "BBQ"..."Naked!!!" NO sauce, maybe on the side..

If you have to cover the meat with sauce, its not prepared correctly... IMHO

A plate full of properly prepared smoked meat is perfect to me, give me some decent tater salad on the side, maybe cole slaw.. We have a meal!!
Just another Day..
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