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WOW!!!! I actually thought about you a bit ago when I read about this online somewhere. Crazy times indeed!
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Originally Posted by leftsaidted View Post
Quoted: "Back away from the Kool Aid.!!

More people die from the Flu everyday, than this "new" Stuff.. Nobody cancels crap about that".

Yes, true, so far...but how long have we had the "old" various strains of the Flu? Decades, a century....so we have all built up a certain resistance from it, since childhood, otherwise the fatality numbers would be staggering, no doubt,

This particular flue strain, named Wuhan Flu, is a NEW one...meaning NONE of us have ANY immunity to it, period. Hence, it has the potential, and I said, potential...to infect and devastate our population. And that is the biggest concern of the majority of epidemiologist, currently working on this issue.

As I have stated earlier, I am currently living and working smack dab in the hardest hit area in the State of California. I can tell you it is spreading rather quickly, it's potency appears, to be quite high. Just today, in this county, several firefighters in San Jose tested positive for Wuhan Flu, now the Health Dept has quarantined FIFTY of their fellow firefighters, fearing they too may be positive.

And that then begs the question, how many family, friends, and other people have THOSE 50 firefighters come into contact during the last couple of weeks?

And THAT is precisely why the various other states are now starting to take more drastic action...they do NOT want what is happening in this state, and the State of Washington, and Seattle in particular, to happen in THEIR states.

I know 2 people in this area who now are quite certain they experienced the Wuhan flu, back in late December/first of January...but no one had really even heard of it, so they thought they just had a really serious case of the "regular" flu...but they both said they were "down for the count" for about 2 weeks, and thought they were going to die. One. a female. is aged about 55, the other, a male, about 28. Both were in good health before. Both have experienced the good old "regular" flue, several times in their lives....they both say this was NOTHING to take lightly.

So...well, that's how it is out here, where it is very active, and spreading. Say I'm drinking government propaganda Kool-Aid if you will....but I can just relate what I am seeing and hearing from those around me. I'm just hoping the "drastic" actions being undertaken by the various governors and mayors around the country do stop this from entering those areas in large numbers.
I appreciate you talking about this. My son has been telling me about this coming for a while, and I honestly thought he is just reading too much from these online things from these countries where it started. But now I listen to him; the things we are doing in the US are here. Most things he said we would be doing here, are here. It isn’t just a normal flu. Why not take these precautions? I would rather be over reacting, than under reacting.
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Old 03-17-2020, 02:01 PM   #48
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Another update: In the period from Sunday morning, to yesterday (Monday) morning, another 24 confirmed people infected, in Santa Clara county, bringing the total here to about 140, along with 2 more deaths in that same time period, both men, one in his 50's, the other in his 80's. In looking back, there was ONE confirmed positive person as of Jan 31 in this county...

There are two factors that I (and many of the people who live here) feel are driving these numbers so high in this one county, and it is demographics. It's difficult to get into REASONS for things happening, without stepping on someone's PC toes, as it were...which is why I have strictly just reported what was OCCURING, versus WHY it may be occurring. I am making every attempt to keep any/all political and other things out of my posting, on this subject, for now. I will only say in this county we have two very large demographics of people who are undoubtfully the cause of the initial outbreak, and it's rapid spreading through what is now considered to be the general public.

And that is why I have much hope that it will not become such a problem in Branson, or any other part of the country, other than New York, and Washington...and if you knew what I was hinting at, you would see those places also share the same two large demographics of people....

Anyway, all the County/State health departments out here will give on any demographics of people who have died is sex and age...nothing else. And they are refusing thus far to identify the demographics of the majority of the people who have tested positive. And I do not think this state will ever be honest enough with its citizens to do such. Instead, everyone is being plunged into this de-facto martial law scenario....and I am worried that, because what may be THE driving force of the infection and spread of the Wuhan flu, other states will panic and place their citizens under the same type of restrictions.

Honestly, what should happen, and happen NOW, is Trump should ban ALL travel out of the state of California, period. Not leaving by highway, or air. Just stop it ALL. Case in point, the major ski resorts in Colorado are now frantically trying to locate, and have put out a PSA, to anyone who visited Vail, Aspen, or Breckenridge at any time during last week...as three people from California traveled to Colorado, and visited each of these ski resorts, and infected numerous other people who were there. This California travel ban should happen, to contain this flu from going into other states en masse...

Also, another potential "political" situation brewing out here is just WHO is going to pay the rent, utilities, and other automatic bills the various business's are incurring since the government shut them down? It appears to be akin to a government "taking" of such business. There are many bars and restaurants in very high priced rent districts that are now closed, and no income to pay the astronomical rent they have been paying. And so far, no one has directly addressed this issue, other than Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton. Many business owners out here are talking about "Eminent Domain" actions by the government...as it is one thing to have an active health violation in a food or drink establishment, and be shut down by the local health dept until you clean it up, and repass inspection. But, now, NONE of these bars or restaurants have had any health issue, no Wuhan Flu among employees...yet are forced to close. That, I can agree, is tantamount to government "taking" of their property. Without some type of financial relief, many will not ever reopen, as even though this intitial "lockdown" is for 3 weeks, the various officials here are talking 2, 3, or even more months. What is a business owner to do???

So, ok, that is as far as I am going to go "politically" as it were...but feel free to talk to me someday in Branson...for, as Paul Harvey would say, the "rest of the story". Now, back to, ha, what Sergeant Joe Friday would say, "just the facts, ma'am"! Groan...I know...
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Old 03-17-2020, 03:17 PM   #49
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Its going to be bigger numbers for all states, just as soon as the testing numbers increase. It is going to be a long few weeks I am afraid. Thanks for posting.
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Yea, something about that testing. If you test more you will find more and if you test less you will find less. Question is: What will the mortality be compared to the morbidity? If you or a family member happens to be unlucky and gets this, what is the long term consequences. Most will be mild, others not so much. Hanging around on a ventilator for weeks causes long term issues. What about future issues like pre-existing conditions that some want to make disappear? Medical bankruptsies are not out of the question. But I guess get in line with all the other bankruptsies that are bound to happen. Time will tell whether this blows over but the feds are not real optimistic at the present. We are in uncharted territory for sure.
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