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Hunters Friend
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In the past, only the National Enquirer could make up something this ridiculous

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What a crock of crap for this rancher and his family.
The illegals should be happy he didn't shoot them
on the spot and bury their dead arse in unmarked graves.

Most everyone on the border carries a gun ALL the time,
AND there are plenty of unmakred graves!!!

The Judge should be taken off the bench for this one!
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There are more stories like this, that have never made the news.
My Son worked on the Border from the beginning of the barricading til end of year. Waiting now on orders to return.
He lives on a ranch SW of Tucson, his best friend lives down near Benson. They both have issues.

When going home from work, DS and DIL see Apache Helicopters hovering over their property...this has happened many times. The illegals come and go through the trash and steal the rugs and blankets off the clothesline...it got so bad, they found 6 hiding under the lawnmower shed.....it was a place they could hide and rest til they took off again for the next hole in some yard.

Now, they've not had much trouble...for about a year...Bruno the Red Bone weighs 100 pounds and looks like a sweetie, but he doesn't care for visitors....and the entire ranch is fenced with ''cattle hot wire''. I'm sure the farmers here know about the little battery operated units that you place ever so far apart to keep the bull in?

Its an intresting issue. DIL had ADP put a unit all around the house, in the house, and in out buildings...she felt more secure when Son was in Iraq.

She carries a GUN to work. She works where she wears a gun. So, she is a marksman.

Son's friend, has lost cattle, and his Insurance company refuses to pay anymore..........funny thing, often these aliens just gut the steer or heifer...and eat the innerds and don't take the meat...you can hear the calf bawling off in the distance, friend explains.

Some ''interlopers'' came and put huge watering stations on friend's property....and if friend, shoots a hole in the water tank, and it drains, he could be prosecuted for attempted murder,...cause the illegals will die of thirst in the hot summers.

He has had less problems now that the ''minute men'' use his property when they go and take a ''lookeesee''....
There is too much activity now ..... for sneakers.

And, its been about 6 months since he's lost cattle.

He had a llama out there running with the cattle..(some farmers do this for some reason...coyotes?)....and the llama is missing.

Funny the news media is not all over this stuff.....
Surprised to see this news article.......................

Ranchers have no rights, on the border.
Some are on the other side though, and won't allow the Govt to put a fence on their property that butts up to the border...it's just alittle right of way.....but some of them have relatives down in Mexico....so now it's neighbor against neighbor.

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