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Retirement in Branson

We have been wanting to retire in Branson for 25 years now that the time has come I would like to know what do retirees do in the winter or do they leave the area for the winter???? We have tried the Texas thing and its just not us...any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Originally Posted by iowajunker View Post
I would like to know what do retirees do in the winter or do they leave the area for the winter???
It comes down to different strokes for different folks. The people we know usually travel/cruise a bit in the winter, but not a 5 month migration. Those that do shutter their doors consider Branson their summer home and elsewhere their permanent home. It must not be about climate as all go to colder locales.
Branson has become a much more active place over the past few years. Not the ghost town it once was. One such activity is the Neighbors and friends organization. The link below explains the various activities available and the mission of the group. The bulk of the activities are in the fall though spring. My DW loves it. At times I think she is fulltime.

Let's "DEFUND THE FASHION POLICE". I'm sick and tired of always having to match

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Maybe we should winter in Branson and go back to Iowa in the summer!!

We have thought about renting a condo for a couple months and try it out this winter, I think my big hang up is I still have little grandchildren and feel if I only go to Branson i can still be able visit them in 6 hours instead of 21 hours!

Thank you for the link!
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In Dec 2011, I moved from Southeast Iowa to Branson, planning to buy a home/condo there, while renting in the mean time.

The more I searched in Branson, the more I "knew" I did not want to buy there, so I ended up in a little "boom-town" near Springfield. Housing prices, utilities, & property taxes are a bargain in this corner of MO, compared to IA.

Great place for retirement.
I stay year-round, as the winters here are v-e-r-y mild compared to Iowa!
Summer humidity here is usually low compared to IA, also, esp. if you get up onto The Plateau, west of Springfield.....

The only time I need a heavy coat is when I go back to Iowa
in the winter..

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